Friday, August 12, 2011

Alvin, TX: Anton needs help! He has overcome so much! He has a cart and is special needs!

PLEASE HELP HIM FIND A HOME. WATCH ANTON'S VIDEO HERE.  *From Julia: This dog has not many chances. We think he is a chow mixed since he has short legs. He was living under a trailer home. He has a rear back leg that looks injured and he can't walk much. WHO IS HE? Name: ANTON, Chow Chow Mix, male, in the shelter since June. WHERE IS HE? City of Alvin Animal Control c/o Alvin Police Department, Alvin, Texas HOW CAN YOU HELP HIM? Contact Julia 832-775-6534, Alvin animal control volunteer, Or call the Alvin Animal Control at 281-388-4331 (closed on Sunday, Monday, holidays).  PET FINDER LISTING  HANDICAPPED PETS LISTING
*From Cindi: Anton is adorable and i didn’t even dream that he was still alive!!!  But he is…….but not for long. This boy doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in h*ll without our help!  Please contact any rescues you know that deal with special needs animals or any kind-hearted people you know that might take in a special needs dog. Let’s get him out of there and into a home – he’s been in the shelter way too long (june), and the fact that he’s still alive must mean he’s meant to be somewhere special!!!

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