Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LA, CA : Found PB Rottweiler girl - someone jammed a pen into her foot! Needs Help!

STATUS UNKNOWN :( We will do our best to find out.  PHS is very full and she will not have a lot of time for this Rottie to stay. PLEASE HELP. WHO IS SHE? ID# A293888, Unaltered female, black and tan Rottweiler, about 2 years and 6 months old. WHERE IS SHE? Pasadena Humane Society, LA, CA  HOW CAN YOU HELP? contact Kimberly *From Kimberly: When I saw her at the shelter today, she seemed very sweet.  She came right up to the bars and wanted me to pet her. The shelter said they're very crowded and she probably only has a few days before she needs to be adopted.  She's skiddish and she's definitely an abused stray (unspayed) Rottie who was abandoned.  We had been trying to catch her because she has an injured paw (someone jammed a pen in it), but we found out this morning that the Pasadena Humane Society got her before we could go back to catch her. We are all networking like crazy to try and find someone to adopt her - please help!  Her Pasadena ID # is: A293888.

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