Sunday, June 30, 2013

*Harlingen, Tx: 2 senior doxies w/medical needs, human mom died, dad too frail - dogs taken to kill shelter

July 5, 2013:  Tagged for rescue and transporting this weekend!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

*Long Island, NY Senior Beagle to Die When Family Moves...No Where to Go!!! SUNDAY June 30

Family is moving and after having her since she was a puppy they can't take her into their new apartment. NO WHERE to Bring PRINCESS....Not Good With Other Dogs or Cats... Friendly senior girl, dental disease, chronic ear infections, doesn't like other dogs/cats.

*From Trudy: I’m out of ideas & time…this face is killing me and I can’t help her…Can you help me help her? Trudy  Long Island, NY ( Transport Available)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Cary, NC Emergency. Fully vetted cat, generous donation to rescue, owner has Alzheimers

Family decided to try and keep the cats with them, things are going well and so far no incidents with the Mom.
Please help sweet TIGER find a good home before Sunday or he'll be taken to a kill shelter. 
We believe Tiger is the smaller cat on the right.
*From S: We were contacted by this gentleman who has to find a placement for 1 cat by Sunday (the second one has a home). His complete contact info is below, please contact him directly if you can help. The cat is fully vetted and up to date, and he is willing to give a generous donation to their rescue. Please help this cat, he will be brought to a kill shelter if no placement is found, owner has been unable to find any help for a long period of time. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

*Moriches LONG ISLAND, NY - Phantom - gorgeous 7 YEar Old Calico - Tragic Story! Deadline One Week...

July 7, 2013: Phantom has been adopted!!!

**JUNE 24, 2013** “Phantom” - Stunning Calico – Now Has ONE week to find a HOME!!

Phantom is 7 years old…her family had to give her up due to life threatening asthma, allergy attacks in 4 year young human child…hospitalized twice. Phantom is spayed and perfectly healthy in every way!!! She is shy…these poor little animals have no idea what turns their world upside down…

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mooresville,NC: Shaggy (real name Asher), the perfect "Annie" dog sits scared in a shelter

Update: Asher was pulled and placed in the Humane Society of Iredell in Mooresville, NC, which makes him safe...but he desperately needs to come out of the shelter and be loved with real family so don't stop networking him...unless, of course, you have a place in your heart and your home. He's now listed on Petfinder.
Petfinder link:


Humane Society of Iredell, Mooresville, NC
Email Humane Society of Iredell
See more pets from Humane Society of Iredell

For more information, visit Humane Society of Iredell's Web site.
His story: Poor little Asher was picked up as a stray on June 16th. He is very sweet, but so scared in the shelter. All he wants is his family back, but no one has asked about him or claimed him. His time is running out. He has a generous offer of full vetting to the rescue who pulls him.

"My name is Pat and Asher is breaking my heart - I would like to sponsor him for full vetting with chipping to a reputable rescue. How do I do that? I have 7 or would take him...such a great face and expression and so adoptable. Please let me know - I can call in a CC. Looks like he has a flea problem? - would like to include a deflea as well. Thanks. Pat in VA"

*From the original shelter: Asher (A159704) is an adorable Terrier Mix. He was picked up as a stray and has not been claimed by an owner even though he has a collar on. Asher is very scared here at the shelter, but not aggressive!! He seems very sweet and just wanting to find his family!
Intake date: 06/16/13

Friday, June 21, 2013

*New York: Urgent Help Needed for Lexi, Mostly Weim Girl

7-6-13  Courtney and Lexi are working with a trainer and will be staying with her mother for now.  Lexi will not lose her loving mom and    family.

Life circumstances can change at the drop of a hat.  Your world can be turned upside down affecting your family and a beloved pet.  PLEASE Help Courtney, a caring mom and responsible pet owner, find a Good Home or a temporary foster for Lexi until she gets on her feet.
Contact: Courtney Aison, 646-742-7312,
From Lexi’s MOM: Courtney:
“On November 30, 2011 I adopted a rescue dog from the south from 'Loving
Hands Rescue'.  I had never owned a dog before or researched breeds.
At that time I was told Lexi was full grown 9-10 month mix of
Greyhound and Weimeraner, she weighed 48 lbs.  Lexi grew to around 73lbs.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

*San Antonio, TX: Sweet young female dog found after storms with no where to go

Rescued! Sweet little dog wandering around after the storms has no where to go. 
*From P: Found in the Monticello area of San Antonio not far from Jefferson High. No collar or tags, and haven't seen any notices posted for her.
She seems very healthy, loves to play.  She's good around cats and other dogs.  Looks like she'll stay small, might be part Corgi mix with short legs and longer body. Good around people and children. Please help. She has no place to stay.

*Philadelphia, PA: 11 year old Female Living ALONE until Lease is UP on June 19...On to a Shelter if NO ONE Steps Up...

6-16-13:  A great new home was found for her!!

11 year old Female cat in need of home - owner was moved to assisted living! 
Cat is alone and time is getting shorter. *From T: This is so sad. Rent paid up until June 19. Does anyone have someone who can help this cat? Please network quickly…Please contact directly as I have no other information. email Alexis if you can help!
The cat is in an apt alone and crying for her owner and the owner is crying for her cat.
Kitty lived with another cat, ok with children, spayed
Rent paid until the 19th on June- please email Alexis if you can help!
Transport Available to GOOD HOME!!!

NYC, NY: MAY BE TOO LATE. Beautiful, VERY friendly 15yo Orange Tabby...Owner Dumped!

15 year old Cat Dumped by his owner!! *
A volunteer writes: Carmen who should be named Carmello is a lovely talkative senior lonely in his cage after being surrendered by his owner. He accepts gentle petting while talking to you about his fretful situation " How can this happen to me after all these years?" he complains. Why not make this sweet gentleman's remaining years happier for him and for you!
Carmen, A0966875, Neutered, 15Y, Orange Tabby, Owner Surrender, 10.6 lbs
Kimberly Smyth*Lu Wang*Steven Valentin
Phone: 917-682-5616;212-722-5839

Thursday, June 13, 2013

*Lee County, NC: Two more owner surrenders, frightened and confused little boy chihuahuas

Rescued! These poor little guys don't understand why they've been put out of their home - so scared and confused!
*From Omyra: This 2 male chi are very friendly please they need a good home ASAP. They are Owners surrenders. Please let me know. Thanks
Please call the number below if you can give these babies a home.

North Carolina - Lee County Animal Shelter - No Dog Should Have to go through this.

 Roxy's been adopted!

*From S: This is just horrible!!!! Why people feel they can do stuff like this to an animal? Please, give to this wonderful sweet girl a loving family that will be with her to the end of her days!!!! Beautiful Roxy has a sponsor who will pay for her vetting and spay. Please step up and rescue this poor girl.
She deserves a happy life where she feels loved and not dumped every time life throws a curve!!! Roxy is an owner surrender this is her 3rd time her owner surrender her. 
First time:  was because he was getting deploy. Then his wife reclaimed her back. Second time: was because they were having a baby and they did not have time for Roxy. The mother of the Owner came and got her back. Third time: Now the Mother is surrendering her because she can take care of Roxy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baltimore, MD: Abused Female Chi/Min Pin Needs Rescue ASAP

This precious little girl named Doobie needs a new home as soon as possible, abuse suspected.

Less than 1 yr. old, female Chihuahua / Miniature Pincher. Being abused; not spayed & probably not up-to-date on shots. Contact person will take her to the vet this Friday if she has someone willing to take her in. 
Little dog is pet- & child-friendly. Transport to you is available.

Contact 443-326-9651 asap to rescue, foster, adopt.

Monday, June 10, 2013

*Lafayette TN: Mom and daughter tortured and chased for 4 months

8-5-13: Cherokee and Cheyenne were rescued!

This is a mom and daughter story. For 4 months now various people have tried to catch them, even shooting at them with rat shot and bb's. They were scared to death to even get close to anyone , much less try to eat food left out for them. None the less, neither mom nor daughter would ever part with each other. They've both had a terrible last 4 months.
Cheyenne, on the left is the mom. 
Her daughter Cherokee is on the right.

Thanks to a kind Animal Control Officer who used patience and many visits daily, mom and daughter came to him. AC exact words" they have been terrorized".

Help Cherokee and her mom have the life they deserve.
Both are very friendly, daughter has never been on a lead, appears mom has been.

Mom and daughter only have until Wednesday, June 13, 2013

4 months of terror have ended.  Please don't let them die here.
 Contact Parker at 423-278-4622

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CT - Copper the Pibble - He was let down by his owner! - Please help him!!! Importance: High

Yeah, he has but one eye, but his heart is EXTRA big!

Copper is neutered, a friend to other dogs and cats, and great with people too!

Copper got a crummy deal when he was adopted. It’s nothing he did! He's a little love. But he's asked for a do over. Let's make that happen for this little doll!

Read and share!!!! He's a sweetheart! And he's waiting here in Connecticut for a wonderful new home!

CALL: 203-300-8798.