Monday, June 10, 2013

*Lafayette TN: Mom and daughter tortured and chased for 4 months

8-5-13: Cherokee and Cheyenne were rescued!

This is a mom and daughter story. For 4 months now various people have tried to catch them, even shooting at them with rat shot and bb's. They were scared to death to even get close to anyone , much less try to eat food left out for them. None the less, neither mom nor daughter would ever part with each other. They've both had a terrible last 4 months.
Cheyenne, on the left is the mom. 
Her daughter Cherokee is on the right.

Thanks to a kind Animal Control Officer who used patience and many visits daily, mom and daughter came to him. AC exact words" they have been terrorized".

Help Cherokee and her mom have the life they deserve.
Both are very friendly, daughter has never been on a lead, appears mom has been.

Mom and daughter only have until Wednesday, June 13, 2013

4 months of terror have ended.  Please don't let them die here.
 Contact Parker at 423-278-4622

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