Sunday, June 30, 2013

*Harlingen, Tx: 2 senior doxies w/medical needs, human mom died, dad too frail - dogs taken to kill shelter

July 5, 2013:  Tagged for rescue and transporting this weekend!


CONTACT ME by email at "Billy Boy" and "Duchess," a bonded pair of 10 YR. OLD Dachshunds, ended up at the shelter because their human mom died and their dad is frail and unable to care for them on his own. Both dogs are up to date on vaccinations and HEARTWORM NEGATIVE. Both dogs are considered URGENT, not only because of age, but ALSO because they have medical conditions. Billy Boy is BLIND, and Duchess is missing most of her fur. They're both very sweet dogs who deserve a chance!

They're at the Humane Society of Harlingen, in Harlingen, Tx. This is a KILL shelter, which euthanizes based on space needs so, they could be put down at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a RESCUE, located OUTSIDE THE HARLINGEN AREA, and are interested in helping an animal iin this album, please CONTACT ME by email at Please DON'T CALL THE SHELTER, since the shelter isn't set up to assist rescues outside the valley area, and will only refer you back to me. Pull/ limited transport assistance (within Texas), IS available, through me, for approved rescues/adopters.

Animals At This Shelter Are NOT Available For Adoption By INDIVIDUALS Located Outside Texas.

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