Friday, June 21, 2013

*New York: Urgent Help Needed for Lexi, Mostly Weim Girl

7-6-13  Courtney and Lexi are working with a trainer and will be staying with her mother for now.  Lexi will not lose her loving mom and    family.

Life circumstances can change at the drop of a hat.  Your world can be turned upside down affecting your family and a beloved pet.  PLEASE Help Courtney, a caring mom and responsible pet owner, find a Good Home or a temporary foster for Lexi until she gets on her feet.
Contact: Courtney Aison, 646-742-7312,
From Lexi’s MOM: Courtney:
“On November 30, 2011 I adopted a rescue dog from the south from 'Loving
Hands Rescue'.  I had never owned a dog before or researched breeds.
At that time I was told Lexi was full grown 9-10 month mix of
Greyhound and Weimeraner, she weighed 48 lbs.  Lexi grew to around 73lbs.

Since I adopted Lexi my circumstances have changed. My husband has
left the home and I find myself a single mom of a seven year old in need of a full time job. Resources are scarce and it is difficult forme to provide Lexi with daily stimulus she needs. Sadly, at present Lexi is more then I can handle. I would like to find her a good new home or a temporary foster situation until I am more on my feet financially and able to take care of her.

On June 5th I took Lexi to pick up my son at school. She was behaving
well, patiently sitting as children patted her and played with her. I
took my son across the street to buy an ice cream cone there was a
crowd and line. I had Lexi by my side on an easy walk harness and a 4
foot leash (I usually walk her with a gentle leader on her nose) . As
a man and his son walked by she barked, lunged and bit him. It was
very startling and seemingly out of nowhere. This was very uncommon

behavior. I immediately pulled her back and took her down to the
submissive position on the ground but the damage was done and she
broke skin.  She now has a bite record with the NYS department of health.

Lexi is housebroken, not destructive and a beautiful and loving dog.
She requires a lot of exercise and attention, is a very fast runner
and is very affectionate and docile with my extended family and

Lexi does not show hostility toward other dogs on or off leash; she
loves rough play. She runs away off leash but comes back when called
and looks for me. If she doesn't like someone she can be intimidating.
She barks at the window frequently, but especially when left alone and
when ever someone approaches the door. She has jumped on a couple of
people. But usually she shows aggression or discomfort
around people that are visibly "off." I have gone to obedience school
with Lexi and done some private training and boarded her with a
trainer. Lexi is a good dog, the fault is completely with me.

In response to the incident I took her to the vet for complete blood
work and a consult with a reputable animal behaviorist named Dr
Shultz in California. I am waiting for feedback.

I am banned from bringing her to my son's school. I am very concerned
about the liability threat she poses with young children coming to my
home.  Lexi  is now a little over two years old.

Having just spent $400 on a single visit and consult. I can't afford
extensive training or regularly hiring someone to exercise her.

I love her so much and am devastated to be in this position but I want
to do what is best for Lexi.”
Thank you

Courtney Aison

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