Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mooresville,NC: Shaggy (real name Asher), the perfect "Annie" dog sits scared in a shelter

Update: Asher was pulled and placed in the Humane Society of Iredell in Mooresville, NC, which makes him safe...but he desperately needs to come out of the shelter and be loved with real family so don't stop networking him...unless, of course, you have a place in your heart and your home. He's now listed on Petfinder.
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Humane Society of Iredell, Mooresville, NC
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For more information, visit Humane Society of Iredell's Web site.
His story: Poor little Asher was picked up as a stray on June 16th. He is very sweet, but so scared in the shelter. All he wants is his family back, but no one has asked about him or claimed him. His time is running out. He has a generous offer of full vetting to the rescue who pulls him.

"My name is Pat and Asher is breaking my heart - I would like to sponsor him for full vetting with chipping to a reputable rescue. How do I do that? I have 7 or would take him...such a great face and expression and so adoptable. Please let me know - I can call in a CC. Looks like he has a flea problem? - would like to include a deflea as well. Thanks. Pat in VA"

*From the original shelter: Asher (A159704) is an adorable Terrier Mix. He was picked up as a stray and has not been claimed by an owner even though he has a collar on. Asher is very scared here at the shelter, but not aggressive!! He seems very sweet and just wanting to find his family!
Intake date: 06/16/13

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