Friday, March 29, 2013

Richmond, VA: URGENT!!!!!! Owner Surrender, Tethered 24/7

She lived outside on a tether while the other dog was kept inside with the family... Please give Missy a chance to know a loving home. 

*FROM JESSICA: This poor dog was picked up by Animal Control. The caregiver allowed the JRT to stay inside, but not Missy. She is a very sweet girl who wags her tail at everybody she sees. The shelter is full and she has been there a long time, since March 19th. I know this dog personally and she just wants to run and play. Please give her a chance at a happy life...

Pet ID: 33722 • Up-to-date with routine shots
CONTACT INFO: Richmond Animal Care and Control, Richmond, VA
(804) 646-5573  Email Richmond Animal Care and Control

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dry Fork VA: Need a miracle in 24 hours

3-29-13 Both have been pulled and are safe!!! Thank you!!

Please crosspost far, wide and NOW...only hours before they need to be out.  They are good dogs with no issues and one is just a baby.

Shep. X, male, 7-9 weeks, about7 lbs., tan w/black
2 beautiful dogs (1 puppy) in danger in Dry Fork, VA in desperate need of rescue or foster. Time is up! Must be out Friday, March 29th 8 am
Urgent! 2 beautiful dogs (1 only 7-9 weeks old) in desperate need of a rescue or foster. Please cross-post and help if you can. The ACO would not have released them if they had shown any signs of aggression. There is no boarding room. Transportation is available.
If you can help, please call
Tonja Reynolds at  434-548-2615
or call Carolyn Booth at 434-548-2625
 Due to last minute status, no specifics on this baby other than he/she is ready for a new foster or adopter.  Please share their

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SAN LEON, TX (south of Houston): Please help David Grigsy & Dogs

Loving owner passed away... they only have until the end of the month to find these babies a home ... running out of time - 
*FROM DENISE: Please help us find homes for our friend Davids dogs. Time is very limited so we have to network fast. Please consider one of his babies. All are house broken. Please pass this email onto all of your friends and ask them to forward to theirs. This is very important and urgent. We have to find a home to save their lives. These animals are located in SAN LEON, TX that is south of Houston, Tx. Please help us. 
*FROM SARAH: Hello Everyone, As you all know, David Grigsby passed away this morning. He was a man who loved & helped all animals in need David volunteered many hours at GCARC & other rescues. His life was his dogs. He worried what would happen to them if he ever passed. I will go over twice a day to feed water & love on them as much as I can. One seems a little sad & confused but is doing very well. He had a total of 8 dogs. 4 of them are seniors & all are used to living indoors. All of his dogs have a great temperament & are super sweet. All are up to date on vaccines ( I will check their rabies certs & pay for any that may need it) All have been tested for HW & ALL are negative. I have attached photos of 7 of David Grigby's dogs with their name on the photo . Denise Warren picked up a small one today. If anyone can help place them or foster any it would be much appreciated. I don't know how long I will have possession of his home or caring for his dogs there, we must move quickly but they are safe for a few days. The medical examiner is trying to find his next of Kin. My number is 281-559-3570 otherwise please feel free to call Chris Krysher. She was very good friends with David & came out to check on all the dogs today. I will be calling her to give updates.  ( See Below) Thanks you, Sarah
ALL dogs have impeccable medical records.

1.) Molly B. - Female-Senior Breed: Labrador Retriever- David rescued her after her first owner passed away. approx. 9 yrs A very mellow sweet girl who accepts all dogs.
2.) Rosco- Male approx. 6 yrs -Breed: unsure of his breed ( photo attached) Loving playful boy
3.) Molly- Breed: Black Lab mix- approx. 9 yrs old - Super sweet looks much younger than 9
4.) Cindy- Breed: Dogo Approx 13yrs. This dog was David's pride & joy. Everyone loves Cindy.
5.) Susie- Breed; Black Lab mic Approx. 9 yrs. - Sweet dog
6.) Malika - Black lab Mix- 1 to 2 yrs old - Breed: Black lab mix- Super sweet.
7.) Haley- Breed: Australian Kelp- 1 yr old -Also super sweet David saved her in Nov.
8.) Oscar- Denise picked up today

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

LA, CA: Her face says it all, please help rescue Gigi

The photo needs no explanation. Please help rescue this scared little girl -- crosspost, share, adopt, foster, whatever it takes.  

My name is Gigi and I am an unaltered female, gray and white American Staffordshire Terrier. The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old. I weigh approximately 52 pounds. I have been at the shelter since Feb 15, 2013. GIGI - ID#A1373330
For more information about this animal, call: East Valley Animal Care and Control Center at (888) 452-7381. Ask for information about animal ID number A1373330

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Atlanta, GA: URGENT...Peaches needs to get out of her crate.

Peaches needs a quiet place to recover and receive TLC.  Her wonderful rescuer has taken care of everything, but has no space for her.

Peaches is an approximately  2 year old female Bully girl... Super sweet but doesn’t like other pets.  Great with people and kids. She was dumped at our vet clinic behind the building and obviously used in the past for breeding. She tested HW pos and I started her on the treatment. She is not doing so well on the treatment since the barking of the other dogs hypes her up and make her cough blood.

Since her intake was not planned at all and I am full at my house and fosters,  I don't have the right environment for her to recover from her treatment.  All expenses are paid for and I would be even able to spay her before transport but she desperately need a place where someone has more time for her. Currently she is sitting for almost 23 hours a day in her crate which is not very humane and it breaks my heart.  This can not be going on for much longer and a decision has to be made. How would anyone of us feel sitting in a box for days , weeks or months......????

Please anyone help this little girl out.  After recovery it would be possible to introduce her under dog experienced supervision to a bigger male dog and i believe she will be fine.... Before her treatment I walked her with another male down the street and it was ok,... but little dogs seem more like squirrels to her i guess...

Please someone step up… it's breaking my heart to see her like this....

Contact info:

Clinic 770 448 6735
cell 678 668 6752

Sunday, March 10, 2013

*Dallas-Ft Worth Area: Beautiful injured, scared GSD girl in kill shelter

Thank you Rockwall Pets!! 

"Thank you to everyone who's been asking about the scared and injured German Shepherd from Rowlett. She's now safe with us. Delilah is heartworm negative, but she does have whipworms. Dr. Keith Webb at Pet Doctor said her leg may have to be ...amputated. Thank you so much to Gina Trout King and the wonderful folks at Ponderosa Pet Resort for taking her in while we arrange foster space. Donate for Delilah's medical care at"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Atlanta, GA: Princess, boxer mix confined to garage depressed and lonely

After being an inside family member, Princess suddenly found herself locked in the garage and not allowed inside due to their son's allergies.  It's been so long without the love and attention she used to get.  She is lonely, depressed and confused.
Kendra came upon this sweet girl because she was posted on craigslist.  She tried to warn the owners what could happen if they gave their dog away to the wrong person.  This dog in particular is breaking her heart. Her name is Princess. Princess used to be loved by her family but then the son developed allergies and now she is living in the garage 24/7 and has become depressed and lonely. She desperately needs a home where she can be inside with the family and included in their lives. 

Princess is a boxer mix and she is only 2-1/2 years old. She is spayed, HW negative and up to date on her vaccines.She is very gentle and loving and she is excellent with children and other dogs. We are not sure about cats.  

If you can help Princess in any way, please contact Kendra.  She has contacted several rescues and had no luck.  The family is only willing to keep Princess in the garage for a while longer.  She deserves a chance!

Kendra  -

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PORT Arthur TEXAS* Cats Need a HOME NOW or They will be Turned Outside

She lost her job, then her home and now must give up her precious cats. Told she has one week to find them a good home or else.....
*This is their story as told by their mom Jojo Marie Ferrer. "I lost my job and home in Kansas and was forced to move in with my sister in Texas who said at the time I could bring my cats but I've been here for 4 months and her boyfriend hates cats and we're living in his house so I have to get rid of them or keep them both outside all the time and they've never been outdoor cats. I'm afraid that with all the raccoons and possums and owls around here that something bad will happen to them outside. PlusBentley gets very sick when he gets outside from allergies. I have to have them gone by the end of the week or my sister's boyfriend said he'll get rid of them and they said "believe us, you don't want that to happen." Like they may possible harm them. Need help ASAP." 

Bentley is an 11 year old Russian Blue, about 10 lbs, neutered. He has a very gentle disposition. He must be kept indoors due to allergies that cause alopecia and skin infections. Needs to be placed ASAP or else she will have to put him outside where he will likely become ill, or put him down. 

Baby is a black shorthair, 5 years old, about 8 lbs, spayed. She is extremely shy, fearful of people and noise and will hide under beds. She is extremely attached to Bentley, therefore keeping together would be ideal. She was feral for a year before being saved. She is also an indoor-only cat. 

Contact info for mom JoJo is 316-806-5363 or

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blue Ridge, GA - $$ vetting sponsored $$ - 6 Month Old Choc/WhiteMale Pit Found On Side Of Road - HELP!!!

This precious young pup needs rescue or a forever home, ribs are showing. *From Holly: Please see the below email from James Bond. He is willing to pay for full vetting of the dog if a rescue group can take him in. He is just a pup about 6 months old!
If your group has room please contact James below: CONTACT: James Bond((

*From James:  I picked this dog up yesterday on side of road with no collar. He is very skinny and his ribs are showing Pictures could be better but it is the best I could do by myself. Let me know what else you need and I hope you can help this 6 month old (just a guess) He appears to be a friendly guy.
Thanks James

Maryland: Dakota was left in a park.... needs to find love

Someone dumped this beautiful dog in a park-- we think Dakota deserves better than that. Help him find a good home.
*From Louise: Alley Cat Rescue found Dakota dumped in the local dog park....we fixed him, and gave all his shots...About one year old..nice dog..likes other dogs.
Adoption Fee $200 to help ACR recover some of his costs.
thanks... Please Crosspost.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Manchester, TN 37355 (Coffee Cnty) - Rescue Needed For 2 Small Stray Pups Found!

2 ADORABLE PUPS DUMPED AND LEFT TO STARVE. Please Crosspost! Transportation to Georgia or Tennessee is available! Such sweet faces.
*From Holly:  My sister-in-law found 2 small female pups. She was told by neighbor kids that the owners dumped them outside and no one was caring for them. They showed up at her doorstop on 3/2/13. She bathed them and fed them (they were starving). She says they are 5-10 pounds each. Adorable, sweet and friendly. Looks like maybe they are some kind of scruffy terrier mix maybe border terrier. They live right of I-24 between Chattanooga, TN & Nasville, TN. They are 1 hour and 10 minutes from Chattanooga, TN and 1 hour from Nashville, TN. Help with transportation can be arranged. Here are some pics of them. If anyreputable licensed no-kill rescue group has room to take in these 2 pups please contact Holly at the contact info below. Vet reference check will be required.
CONTACT:  HOLLY NELSON --  C - 678-939-6981    Email - ((