Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SAN LEON, TX (south of Houston): Please help David Grigsy & Dogs

Loving owner passed away... they only have until the end of the month to find these babies a home ... running out of time - 
*FROM DENISE: Please help us find homes for our friend Davids dogs. Time is very limited so we have to network fast. Please consider one of his babies. All are house broken. Please pass this email onto all of your friends and ask them to forward to theirs. This is very important and urgent. We have to find a home to save their lives. These animals are located in SAN LEON, TX that is south of Houston, Tx. Please help us. 
*FROM SARAH: Hello Everyone, As you all know, David Grigsby passed away this morning. He was a man who loved & helped all animals in need David volunteered many hours at GCARC & other rescues. His life was his dogs. He worried what would happen to them if he ever passed. I will go over twice a day to feed water & love on them as much as I can. One seems a little sad & confused but is doing very well. He had a total of 8 dogs. 4 of them are seniors & all are used to living indoors. All of his dogs have a great temperament & are super sweet. All are up to date on vaccines ( I will check their rabies certs & pay for any that may need it) All have been tested for HW & ALL are negative. I have attached photos of 7 of David Grigby's dogs with their name on the photo . Denise Warren picked up a small one today. If anyone can help place them or foster any it would be much appreciated. I don't know how long I will have possession of his home or caring for his dogs there, we must move quickly but they are safe for a few days. The medical examiner is trying to find his next of Kin. My number is 281-559-3570 otherwise please feel free to call Chris Krysher. She was very good friends with David & came out to check on all the dogs today. I will be calling her to give updates.  ( See Below) Thanks you, Sarah
ALL dogs have impeccable medical records.

1.) Molly B. - Female-Senior Breed: Labrador Retriever- David rescued her after her first owner passed away. approx. 9 yrs A very mellow sweet girl who accepts all dogs.
2.) Rosco- Male approx. 6 yrs -Breed: unsure of his breed ( photo attached) Loving playful boy
3.) Molly- Breed: Black Lab mix- approx. 9 yrs old - Super sweet looks much younger than 9
4.) Cindy- Breed: Dogo Approx 13yrs. This dog was David's pride & joy. Everyone loves Cindy.
5.) Susie- Breed; Black Lab mic Approx. 9 yrs. - Sweet dog
6.) Malika - Black lab Mix- 1 to 2 yrs old - Breed: Black lab mix- Super sweet.
7.) Haley- Breed: Australian Kelp- 1 yr old -Also super sweet David saved her in Nov.
8.) Oscar- Denise picked up today

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