Sunday, March 3, 2013

Manchester, TN 37355 (Coffee Cnty) - Rescue Needed For 2 Small Stray Pups Found!

2 ADORABLE PUPS DUMPED AND LEFT TO STARVE. Please Crosspost! Transportation to Georgia or Tennessee is available! Such sweet faces.
*From Holly:  My sister-in-law found 2 small female pups. She was told by neighbor kids that the owners dumped them outside and no one was caring for them. They showed up at her doorstop on 3/2/13. She bathed them and fed them (they were starving). She says they are 5-10 pounds each. Adorable, sweet and friendly. Looks like maybe they are some kind of scruffy terrier mix maybe border terrier. They live right of I-24 between Chattanooga, TN & Nasville, TN. They are 1 hour and 10 minutes from Chattanooga, TN and 1 hour from Nashville, TN. Help with transportation can be arranged. Here are some pics of them. If anyreputable licensed no-kill rescue group has room to take in these 2 pups please contact Holly at the contact info below. Vet reference check will be required.
CONTACT:  HOLLY NELSON --  C - 678-939-6981    Email - ((

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