Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PORT Arthur TEXAS* Cats Need a HOME NOW or They will be Turned Outside

She lost her job, then her home and now must give up her precious cats. Told she has one week to find them a good home or else.....
*This is their story as told by their mom Jojo Marie Ferrer. "I lost my job and home in Kansas and was forced to move in with my sister in Texas who said at the time I could bring my cats but I've been here for 4 months and her boyfriend hates cats and we're living in his house so I have to get rid of them or keep them both outside all the time and they've never been outdoor cats. I'm afraid that with all the raccoons and possums and owls around here that something bad will happen to them outside. PlusBentley gets very sick when he gets outside from allergies. I have to have them gone by the end of the week or my sister's boyfriend said he'll get rid of them and they said "believe us, you don't want that to happen." Like they may possible harm them. Need help ASAP." 

Bentley is an 11 year old Russian Blue, about 10 lbs, neutered. He has a very gentle disposition. He must be kept indoors due to allergies that cause alopecia and skin infections. Needs to be placed ASAP or else she will have to put him outside where he will likely become ill, or put him down. 

Baby is a black shorthair, 5 years old, about 8 lbs, spayed. She is extremely shy, fearful of people and noise and will hide under beds. She is extremely attached to Bentley, therefore keeping together would be ideal. She was feral for a year before being saved. She is also an indoor-only cat. 

Contact info for mom JoJo is 316-806-5363 or

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