Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blue Ridge, GA - $$ vetting sponsored $$ - 6 Month Old Choc/WhiteMale Pit Found On Side Of Road - HELP!!!

This precious young pup needs rescue or a forever home, ribs are showing. *From Holly: Please see the below email from James Bond. He is willing to pay for full vetting of the dog if a rescue group can take him in. He is just a pup about 6 months old!
If your group has room please contact James below: CONTACT: James Bond((pawsoffannin@tds.net))

*From James:  I picked this dog up yesterday on side of road with no collar. He is very skinny and his ribs are showing Pictures could be better but it is the best I could do by myself. Let me know what else you need and I hope you can help this 6 month old (just a guess) He appears to be a friendly guy.
Thanks James

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