Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Atlanta, GA: URGENT...Peaches needs to get out of her crate.

Peaches needs a quiet place to recover and receive TLC.  Her wonderful rescuer has taken care of everything, but has no space for her.

Peaches is an approximately  2 year old female Bully girl... Super sweet but doesn’t like other pets.  Great with people and kids. She was dumped at our vet clinic behind the building and obviously used in the past for breeding. She tested HW pos and I started her on the treatment. She is not doing so well on the treatment since the barking of the other dogs hypes her up and make her cough blood.

Since her intake was not planned at all and I am full at my house and fosters,  I don't have the right environment for her to recover from her treatment.  All expenses are paid for and I would be even able to spay her before transport but she desperately need a place where someone has more time for her. Currently she is sitting for almost 23 hours a day in her crate which is not very humane and it breaks my heart.  This can not be going on for much longer and a decision has to be made. How would anyone of us feel sitting in a box for days , weeks or months......????

Please anyone help this little girl out.  After recovery it would be possible to introduce her under dog experienced supervision to a bigger male dog and i believe she will be fine.... Before her treatment I walked her with another male down the street and it was ok,... but little dogs seem more like squirrels to her i guess...

Please someone step up… it's breaking my heart to see her like this....

Contact info:

Clinic 770 448 6735
cell 678 668 6752

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