Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lafayette, TN: She belonged to someone - now she is scheduled for PTS

How she became a stray, we'll never know, but she never felt the fear she does now.  All she wants is a gentle touch and someone to cuddle her.  We only have 4 days to save her from being put to sleep.

"22lbs , female, don't know about vetting, very sweet dog , friendly and good with other dogs, playful. Rae was picked up as a stray, she was someone's family member, she has been used to a loving touch and never having to be scared and alone like she is now. Rae is due to be put down 5 Feb 13. Rae is located in Lafayette, Tenn.

ContactParker at Or 423-278-4622.
 Please don't wait Rae's life depends on you folks."

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Denton, TX - DIXIE - Precious Senior Doxie Girls Needs Rescue!

 BOTH ADOPTED!!!!  Can you find room in your heart and home for either of these little Texas sweethearts .... DIXIE & MOLLY

Adoption fee is $120 EACH. It pays to have the dog spayed or neutered; Rabies, Bordetella and DHLPP Vaccines; treatment for fleas and ticks, 1st month heartworm preventative, Deworming for hook and round worms, one overnight stay in hospital, pre-surgical pain medications, occult heartworm test, 2 week check up, suture removal and a Micro Chip.  Remember to share the posts and "like" the Denton Animal Shelter Facebook page!  Please forward any questions about dogs to
Adopting these two and other precious dogs from animal shelters opens space for other dogs needing rescue. Please do all you can to help.... share this information with others. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Desperate situation - Adian needs a few months in a foster home, please!
Dear Whom This May Concern,
This is a extreme long shot but i am in need of some assistance or if you could connect me with someone that can help... On January 10th, 2013, my dog Adian and i were going out like we do every night. My neighbor just happened to be taking his dog off leash and i had said to him that there is a Raleigh leash law, and we all have to abide by it because we live 5 mins. from downtown Raleigh, we are the heart of Raleigh. He began to get "Ugly" (raising his hands and shouting etc) when he raised his hand it looked as if he was going to strike myself or my dog. My dog reacted and went towards him, my neighbor claims "he bit him" but when i looked at his hand there was no mark... i went up to my apartment crated Adian and got my roommate to approach my neighbor to speak on this event. There was again no mark, twenty to thirty minutes later he apparently called Animal Control (understandable, in a way). When Animal Control got there, the officer claimed there is a mark, and that because my rabies paperwork for Adian is no where to be found (due to my ex being the one that was caring for Adian originally). So i was told by the Animal Control Officer that i could get Adian in ten days,etc. I waited out the days, and spoke with Karen Rogers, and she allowed to me pick him up on the 19th due to my boyfriend (TDY'ing - military training- The only reason my bf cant take him is he is getting basically deployed on state side terms) on the 20th. We took Adian to Asheville to stay with my cousin... I was under the impression that Adian would be staying in doors, and taken out, etc. normal dog care in my opinion. But i was wrong, he has him staying outside, and is attached to like a clothes line with a wire coming down that allows him to run back and forth. Not what i was expecting. My cousin said this is the best option for a lab mix, and thats what big dogs need and all this other nonsense.( Now, my cousin told me i have a week to find him a new place of residence...01/25/13)
Needless to say i am not happy.. So now i am back to square one. My rental company will not allow Adian back on property (nor will they refund me the 250 i paid for him to reside here), and will not allow me to end my lease early. I have till April left on my lease, and am i looking to see if anyone can help by fostering him- preferrably a home where he would be the only animal. he has grown up with a chihuahua that i currently have but that seems to be the only dog that he feels comfortable with in our home. If anyone was able to help i would provide, His XXL crate,food,treats,toys,bedding etc. for him and i am also willing to pay a little something for his keep, i cant pay to much but i am willing to try to do what i can. I know it is a long shot because in the rescue world finding a single dog available foster is scarse but i am asking for any help. Please, i can provide refrences regarding his temperment, and anything else that is needed, and if anyone can help it would be as temporary as possible..
Please, if you know of anyone who can help it would be greatly appreciated..
Thank you,
716 256 8680

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ashland City,TN: Roscoe is out in the cold, just another $175 to save him

Halfway there to be able to bring Roscoe to a warm home.
"Hi Friends,
We are almost halfway to Roscoe’s goal with $150 of the required $325 to get him to a warm home…. We need $175 more by 2/2 to get his vetting and transport paid for his ride on 2/9. We’ve had some questions about the cost of the vetting; the breakdown of his vetting is: $20 for HW test, $30 for the health certificate and $60 for the vet visit as he is in a rural area. Total/$110. If he were in a local area we could indeed get this at a lower price, but that is not an option due to timing and the

*Lithonia, GA: Beautiful Benji dog living outside in Lowe's parking lot

1-29-13:  Wonderful news from Melody.  He was caught yesterday and a rescue has stepped up for him!

The weather is getting worse and he needs to be brought to a warm place.  Can you help???  If not, please spread the word.
From: Melody Paris <>
Subject: Dog living in Lowes parking lot -- $100 donation to help him
Date: January 22, 2013 9:34:20 AM EST

Yesterday on my way back from hiking I stopped at Lowes just off Panola Road in Lithonia. There is a dog living in the parking lot. I

Saturday, January 12, 2013

*From Karen:  Hello everyone,
Unfortunately the person I thought could give Coco a permanent home can't - so I am asking for help again with posting her, cross posting her info and in general, finding her a home.  The last 6 months she has been cared for at the riding stables of a fellow fosterer where a 17 yr old teenager who worked there wanted to keep her. Unfortunately the girl's mother won't allow her to have her at home. That was OK as it was ok for Coco to stay at the stables - but now the owner is about to sell the property and move to Connecticut. So other arrangements need to be found for the dog. 
Thank you, Karen 

Coco, a 1& 3/4 yr old Catahoula mix needs to find a permanent or foster home asap. She is spayed and utd on vaccines. She is smart, affectionate, loyal, playful and full of energy. She probably will do best as an only dog. She has been around cats but she chases them and they don't like that much. 

Contact Karen for more info or to make arrangements to meet.
cell: 703 608-2605

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


One of our fellow rescuers needs help! Please read her plea below. We at Hearts to the Rescue received this note from Trudy regarding a desperate plea for help for a fellow rescuer, Amy Meachum. Please crosspost, share and donate if you can. Every dollar can make a huge difference. 
*From Trudy: Amy Meachum is a stand out long time, seasoned rescuer. She is now needing our collective help for her rescues. She now as 40 cats...mostly Seniors, semi ferals and the ones who No One wanted. She and her husband have come upon Very, Very hard financial times. 
Let's rally a Huge Cat Food Collection on behalf of her beloved kitties. 
If you can purchase food or pet store gift cards she will be able to feed them one day at a time. This kind, compassionate woman needs help with cat food now. 
Contact Amy if you can HELP.
Please & Thank You, Trudy

*From Amy:  Dear All:

Today I lost the ONLY source of financial assistance that was allowing us to have the funding to feed our cats.  Literally, we have no way to continue to purchase food.  We are financially stretched to the max just affording to remain in our home, which we came very close to losing earlier this year.  We have NO CREDIT or credit cards.  After over 25 years of rescue and helping, I am now the one who needs help now - which I have always hated to ask for.  I work two jobs, literally 7 days a week - making substantially less money than I did several years ago at one job.  Richie's job has reduced his income by taking away commissions, approximately 15% (minimum) of his salary.  We need people with rescues and no kills to start taking cats from us.  Alternatively, we need regular food donations for 40 cats which is how many are now here (we do have a source of regular food donations for the dogs here, but that resource has no cat food).  I have tried adopting, no one wants cats - particularly adults or semi ferals.  One cat a friend managed to find a home for on our behalf is on the way back because she didn't get along with the other cats in the household that adopted her.  Plus, as you know I have a lot of seniors here and no one wants them at all.  Adopting out one cat here or there barely scratches the surface.  I am at my wits end and I really don't know what to do.  The idea of putting cats into kill shelters - many of whom also won't even take them anyway (other than to immediately euthanize) because they are full - is beyond heartbreaking.  Please, if there is anything you can do, contact me as soon as possible.  I am in a position to keep some cats, probably about 10.  But feeding (and vetting when they need something I can't do here myself) 40 cats is impossible without the financial assistance I was informed today is no longer available to us.  Please help!


Memphis, TN: Thrown out of a car - This Little Beauty Will Steal Your Heart

Little Ella was thrown out of a car in a rural area of Shelby county...

 2-3-13:  An update from Lynda.  Here are the pictures we promised!  "She is doing very well. She is starting to get some of her hair back she still has a rough place on the end of her muzzle and top of her nose that still has some little crusted stuff on it and some small bare spots on her hip area but she is doing very good. I went to see her the other night and she is the most loving dog. She is still a little skittish when you first pet her and she has a little accident where she sits but other than that she is learning the come command and the sit.  She is doing much better about getting her twice weekly bath.  She seems to actually like it.The man tells me he doesn't always give her two baths a week but she was getting two medicated baths a week.   Now she gets one most every week.   He said he some times skips it if it is real cold out.  We will be talking to the vet real soon about getting her spayed and finish all her other vetting.  She is HW NEG and no other worms.   Dr Snow said he didn't want to spay her with the mange and she had a secondary infection but she was clear of that now . There is a rescue interested in posting her for me to get her a forever home as soon as she is clear of the mange.

*From Elizabeth:  She had a bad case of mange all over her face and bite marks all over her body. Some were still wet with blood. She spent Christmas freezing, starving, and in great pain and loneliness. Despite this she managed to make it to one of the houses in the area and the man went and found Lynda Kent Together they took her to a local vet and were turned away because they wanted full payment up front. The next vet agreed to help and I made a down payment.

She is Golden / Sheltie mix as close as the vet could tell she is approx. 12 to 18 months old. She is HW neg! She has a great deal of healing to do. Thankfully, she is safe with an elderly couple fostering her temporarily and giving her her meds and medicated baths.  PLEASE - We need a rescue to step up and help this girl find a permanent home, or a longer term foster! We need donations to help this beautiful baby as she has more treatment needed .

To donate: contact the vet, Berclair on Summer and refer to - account Lynda Kent for Ella ( 901) 685-8204  Thank you Lynda for saving her!