Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Memphis, TN: Thrown out of a car - This Little Beauty Will Steal Your Heart

Little Ella was thrown out of a car in a rural area of Shelby county...

 2-3-13:  An update from Lynda.  Here are the pictures we promised!  "She is doing very well. She is starting to get some of her hair back she still has a rough place on the end of her muzzle and top of her nose that still has some little crusted stuff on it and some small bare spots on her hip area but she is doing very good. I went to see her the other night and she is the most loving dog. She is still a little skittish when you first pet her and she has a little accident where she sits but other than that she is learning the come command and the sit.  She is doing much better about getting her twice weekly bath.  She seems to actually like it.The man tells me he doesn't always give her two baths a week but she was getting two medicated baths a week.   Now she gets one most every week.   He said he some times skips it if it is real cold out.  We will be talking to the vet real soon about getting her spayed and finish all her other vetting.  She is HW NEG and no other worms.   Dr Snow said he didn't want to spay her with the mange and she had a secondary infection but she was clear of that now . There is a rescue interested in posting her for me to get her a forever home as soon as she is clear of the mange.

*From Elizabeth:  She had a bad case of mange all over her face and bite marks all over her body. Some were still wet with blood. She spent Christmas freezing, starving, and in great pain and loneliness. Despite this she managed to make it to one of the houses in the area and the man went and found Lynda Kent Together they took her to a local vet and were turned away because they wanted full payment up front. The next vet agreed to help and I made a down payment.

She is Golden / Sheltie mix as close as the vet could tell she is approx. 12 to 18 months old. She is HW neg! She has a great deal of healing to do. Thankfully, she is safe with an elderly couple fostering her temporarily and giving her her meds and medicated baths.  PLEASE - We need a rescue to step up and help this girl find a permanent home, or a longer term foster! We need donations to help this beautiful baby as she has more treatment needed .

To donate: contact the vet, Berclair on Summer and refer to - account Lynda Kent for Ella ( 901) 685-8204  Thank you Lynda for saving her!

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