Wednesday, January 2, 2013


One of our fellow rescuers needs help! Please read her plea below. We at Hearts to the Rescue received this note from Trudy regarding a desperate plea for help for a fellow rescuer, Amy Meachum. Please crosspost, share and donate if you can. Every dollar can make a huge difference. 
*From Trudy: Amy Meachum is a stand out long time, seasoned rescuer. She is now needing our collective help for her rescues. She now as 40 cats...mostly Seniors, semi ferals and the ones who No One wanted. She and her husband have come upon Very, Very hard financial times. 
Let's rally a Huge Cat Food Collection on behalf of her beloved kitties. 
If you can purchase food or pet store gift cards she will be able to feed them one day at a time. This kind, compassionate woman needs help with cat food now. 
Contact Amy if you can HELP.
Please & Thank You, Trudy

*From Amy:  Dear All:

Today I lost the ONLY source of financial assistance that was allowing us to have the funding to feed our cats.  Literally, we have no way to continue to purchase food.  We are financially stretched to the max just affording to remain in our home, which we came very close to losing earlier this year.  We have NO CREDIT or credit cards.  After over 25 years of rescue and helping, I am now the one who needs help now - which I have always hated to ask for.  I work two jobs, literally 7 days a week - making substantially less money than I did several years ago at one job.  Richie's job has reduced his income by taking away commissions, approximately 15% (minimum) of his salary.  We need people with rescues and no kills to start taking cats from us.  Alternatively, we need regular food donations for 40 cats which is how many are now here (we do have a source of regular food donations for the dogs here, but that resource has no cat food).  I have tried adopting, no one wants cats - particularly adults or semi ferals.  One cat a friend managed to find a home for on our behalf is on the way back because she didn't get along with the other cats in the household that adopted her.  Plus, as you know I have a lot of seniors here and no one wants them at all.  Adopting out one cat here or there barely scratches the surface.  I am at my wits end and I really don't know what to do.  The idea of putting cats into kill shelters - many of whom also won't even take them anyway (other than to immediately euthanize) because they are full - is beyond heartbreaking.  Please, if there is anything you can do, contact me as soon as possible.  I am in a position to keep some cats, probably about 10.  But feeding (and vetting when they need something I can't do here myself) 40 cats is impossible without the financial assistance I was informed today is no longer available to us.  Please help!


Some of Amy's and her husband's other rescues include:

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