Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ashland City,TN: Roscoe is out in the cold, just another $175 to save him

Halfway there to be able to bring Roscoe to a warm home.
"Hi Friends,
We are almost halfway to Roscoe’s goal with $150 of the required $325 to get him to a warm home…. We need $175 more by 2/2 to get his vetting and transport paid for his ride on 2/9. We’ve had some questions about the cost of the vetting; the breakdown of his vetting is: $20 for HW test, $30 for the health certificate and $60 for the vet visit as he is in a rural area. Total/$110. If he were in a local area we could indeed get this at a lower price, but that is not an option due to timing and the
requirement for health cert before he gets his ride. It’s been really cold in TN, and with Roscoe’s slow kill treatment, he isn’t doing great in this weather….. Roscoe needs to catch his ride and be inside for his recuperation. If you can chip in any amount to help Roscoe, he would be so very grateful, and so are we! A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to those who have already contributed. "

Roscoe has been living with a temporary caretaker that has to keep him outside, because her own dogs do not get along with other dogs. Since the weather has been getting terribly chilly, it is not healthy for Roscoe to be living outside. There is a shelter in Maine that is ready to take Roscoe in if he gains the funds he needs for transportation and the necessary veterinary procedures.

The test for Heartworm is 110 dollars, the transportation fee to Maine is $125, and the Heartworm preventative is $90, so we are trying to raise a total of $325. If anyone could be so kind as to help chip in for Roscoe’s savior it would be great!!

Just click this link to PayPal funds to Doggie Harmony for Roscoe:

If you do not have PayPal, donations can be made by check/mail to: Doggie Harmony, P.O. Box 191362, Atlanta, GA 31119. (Please include Roscoe in the memo). Your donations are tax-deductible!

Roscoe is ever-so grateful for any amount of help you can give. The sooner he meets his goal, the sooner he can go!


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