Wednesday, January 23, 2013

*Lithonia, GA: Beautiful Benji dog living outside in Lowe's parking lot

1-29-13:  Wonderful news from Melody.  He was caught yesterday and a rescue has stepped up for him!

The weather is getting worse and he needs to be brought to a warm place.  Can you help???  If not, please spread the word.
From: Melody Paris <>
Subject: Dog living in Lowes parking lot -- $100 donation to help him
Date: January 22, 2013 9:34:20 AM EST

Yesterday on my way back from hiking I stopped at Lowes just off Panola Road in Lithonia. There is a dog living in the parking lot. I
spoke to a guy (contractor) who shops there every day and he told me he has been out there for several months. He seems very sweet but will only come within arm's reach. The guy said he has been feeding him here and there. I did buy food and try to feed him but he is very street smart and wouldn't eat it while I was close. The guy told me a couple of people have been out to try and catch him but were unsuccessful.

I had my dog in the car and when she barked he started wagging his tail and heading towards the car. My dog is "dog aggressive" so she freaked out when he got close he trotted away. However, I think with a dog friendly dog he might be able to be caught.

I have a dog aggressive dog and many cats in an apartment sized home so I cannot take him. However, I will donate $100 to any rescuer who can rescue him. The guy told me he was out there whining at the door during all the rain. He really needs to get out of that parking lot. The store folks call him Benji or Boo Boo. He's not a big dog and once cleaned up would be very adoptable.

Here's the location:
5375 Fairington Road
Lithonia, GA 30038

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