Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lafayette, TN: She belonged to someone - now she is scheduled for PTS

How she became a stray, we'll never know, but she never felt the fear she does now.  All she wants is a gentle touch and someone to cuddle her.  We only have 4 days to save her from being put to sleep.

"22lbs , female, don't know about vetting, very sweet dog , friendly and good with other dogs, playful. Rae was picked up as a stray, she was someone's family member, she has been used to a loving touch and never having to be scared and alone like she is now. Rae is due to be put down 5 Feb 13. Rae is located in Lafayette, Tenn.

ContactParker at Or 423-278-4622.
 Please don't wait Rae's life depends on you folks."

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