Sunday, April 28, 2013

*Greenwood, IN: URGENT - Echo, 6-year old puggle on wheels needs a new family to roll with

Fingers crossed, but I think we have it all figured out!!!!
We are going to drive Echo to Georgia on June 16th to stay with a lady named Cindy. She sounds like a great lady, has experience with disabled pets (has a ferret that is paralyzed and owned a cat with kidney failure) and has the time to take care of him. Again, I can't thank you all enough for the help, support, and prayers!!!
I am sooooooo excited and upset at the same time. On one hand, I found someone that can care for Echo, and provide him the time and care he needs and deserves. On the other, I have to say goodbye to one of the greatest animals I have ever met. June 16th is gonna be one emotional day.  Again thanks everyone for all of your help!!!!!!!
- Carl & Echo
Echo is a special needs dog who just doesn't understand why his life has changed.  He's ready to pick up where he left off and now it's with his wheels.  Echo needs that new home as soon as possible.  Could that be you or someone you know??  Please share his story, or better his heartbroken owner and let him know Echo is going to be just fine. He is neutered (but don't tell him that! )  His annual vaccinations are due in June.  His owner is willing to have those done for his new owner and also willing to help with transport if you are not close by.

"While shopping at Petsmart for our other dog, we happened upon an adoption day and found an adorable puggle, Echo. He came home with us that evening for a “trial run” (we all knew he wasn’t going back) and has been with us ever since. He led a normal dog life up until 4 years ago. I came home from work to a dog in obvious pain and within hours he lost the ability to use his back legs. We rushed him to an emergency vet, and despite quick diagnosis of a ruptured disc and surgery, Echo was never able to fully recover. While his back legs haven’t worked since, his spirit has never been broken. Two days after surgery, Echo drug himself out of his kennel and over to me on the floor just to lick my hand (I swear it was his way of telling me everything was going to be ok).

Echo does require expressing due to his paralysis.  A daily schedule of expressing and he is good to go. The past 4 years have been a challenge, but Echo’s spirit and energy have never faltered. This is the reason that posting this is incredibly hard for me. Since Echo’s injury, my wife and I have brought 2 children into the world, and Echo has gone from being the baby to spending far too much time in this kennel due to me picking up a new job and the kids.
C.mon guys...I really want to play! 
Promise I will slow down
 and wait for you!

Understandably, he has become increasingly cranky and uncomfortable around the kids. He misses the old days when he was the center of attention and being his corny loveable self.  I love this dog more than I care to admit most days, but I just don’t have enough time to give him anymore and he spends a lot of time in his kennel because of the hours I work. Echo does not deserve the hand he has been dealt, and it is totally unfair to euthanize him because of what has happened, especially when he is a loving, caring, wonderful dog. However, if I cannot find him a home or a rescue, that is what we are left with.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pittsboro, NC: Critically ill rescuer final wish for cats

Devoted rescuer at the end of her life wants only the best for the cats she has saved, nurtured and brought back from the brink. Her fondest wish is that they are not put through any additional suffering or confusion, but that they continue the new life she has given them with loving families, safe and secure The Goat House Refuge in North Pittsboro, NC has committed to making her last wishes come true.  You can help by offering to foster, adopt, crosspost and/or donate towards their food and care. 
Here is the story from Siglinda Scarpa, Guardian Angel in Charge of  The Goathouse Refuge.

"For those who are not familiar with this situation, this is a woman in Turkey, NC (near Clinton, NC) who is battling cancer and who we just learned has gone back to the hospital today, so time is of the essence. This is not a hoarding situation, these cats have been well taken care of and they are healthy.
This woman is a wonderful person, She is losing her life and her cats that are her life! Her cats are all S/N, vaccinated, de-wormed and cared for like babies, and the cats are healthy except a few with a mild URI. I am helping her, with a friend, to put together all the info and photos of each cat so we can help her find good homes and rescue Organizations who will care for her cats as she would. PLEASE help find good homes and Organizations that can take the cats and care for them, they are her heart and we need to make sure they are going to good places! I will send photos and all the information so we ALL can help her and the cats.
If you would like to see other pics, please email me the name of the cats and I will send them! We will have more to list shortly, but this is a good start.

THANK YOU for all your great work and your big hearts!!

Please contact us if you can help and cross-post widely!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Greenville, SC: Important Update on Macie, now in Atlanta

UPDATE from Doggie Harmony 4/29/13:      Hi Dog Lovers, we are offering $200 a month immediately for a Fosterer for Macie, plus food, htworm/flea prev, a bed, collar, leash the works. Macie is spayed, all shots, and ID Chipped! AND.. in Boarding as of last week! She also is very adoptable!     
     Macie is a 3 yr old 50 lb boxer mix, obed trained via Jabula Dog Academy, Decatur, housetrained,
cratetrained, and lately lived in a home for 8 months until her foster dad went to grad school. 
     Macie loves exercise, adores people, love and attention, and to be the Ultimate Companion Dog for a person/couple who are experienced dog owners.  Macie likes many dogs but not all so we want to place her as an only pet for now. 
     Please contact us if interested in fostering (or adopting) Macie. Otherwise, please forward this e-mail, and make copies of Macie's 
 flyer and hang all around Atlanta.  All Starbucks, Caribou Coffee and Einsteins NOW HAVE BULLETIN BOARDS!    This is how Macie may get discovered and fostered or adopted! Macie is Judy Townsend's dog and we are helping her to get Macie a great home now!    Thanks a lot, Maryann and Liz

MACIE's Petfinder Link is below:
 Liz at,
or Maryann at 404-401-2327 to meet, Foster  Macie.

 If you know someone that lives close to Greeneville, SC or maybe between there and Atlanta who might be in a postition to help with this please forward.  If they cannot help, ask them to forward . If you can spare ever $5.00 it would be appreciated as well. 
"Hi everyone.
Last time I wrote to you about Macie it was an email of happiness because Macie had gone to a new foster home, that ultimately wanted to adopt her.  Unfortunately, it did not work out and Macie is now in need once again. 
    - IMMEDIATE need is for transport help getting her from Greenville, S.C. back to the Atlanta area.  If anyone has any ideas or can help drive even part of the way, please let me know ASAP.  I can meet someone, but I simply can't go all the way to S.C. and back in the next few days, and I need to get her back here.

- URGENT need for help with boarding, as she will need to be boarded until another foster/adopter is found.  I know we're all inundated with donation requests, and if I didn't need the help, I wouldn't ask.  I volunteer and help with rescues, and do transports when I can.  But I'm not a rescue, and I'm not funded, and I'm trying to do the best I can.  Of course, the ultimate objective is to find Macie a homeShe did great with her previous foster family, canine and otherwise, but this time she and her fellow foster dogs simply did not get along. Because of that, I feel it will be best for Macie to be the only dog, so she doesn't have to be moved yet again.

It has been, and continues to be, a long journey for Macie, but there IS the perfect home out there for her.  And I'm committed to finding it.  This sweet face deserves it.   Judy"

For those who don't know Macie's story: she was rescued from a terrible life with a hoarder con-artist. After vetting and surgery and training, she was living in a wonderful foster home. But the foster returned to grad school and Macie had nowhere to go. She has been through a lot in her young life, and wants nothing more than a home and a person she can love.

Contact is Judy Townsend

Thursday, April 11, 2013

URGENT! Mama and puppy in Columbus County NC Shelter

#27-HOUND & BABY PUP-(F)-AVAILABLE:4/15/13@12:00   SEE THE RESCUE PROCESS UNDER THIS BIO: Yes, this family of two must go together. This poor hound girl is on the small side and is very timid, but she did eat my treats as long as I sat very still and moved my hands away from her. She is a VERY good mom to this pup - she lets her eat first and stayed cuddled close by. Puppy, on the other hand, i...s totally outgoing - she was right up at the kennel door waiting for me to feed her. She is eating solid food on her own. They are precious - please help!



2. PAYPAL THE PULL FEE ($10 FOR 501 RESCUES, $25 FOR ALL OTHERS) AND KENNEL NUMBER TO JULIEZDOGS@GMAIL.COM. (Be sure to send via the paypal option "Personal" or "I am sending money to family or friends." Julie is the puller, NOT THE SHELTER, so she should not have to pay the paypal fees. Thanks!)


These companions are at :
Columbus County Animal Shelter
288 Legion Dr Whiteville, NC 28472
Their hours are Mon-Thurs 10:30-5 and Fri 12-5See More

SC: Bearded Collie and Jack Russell Best Friends NEED a new home

UPDATE: These sweet babies are in a temporary foster now, but we still need to find them a permanent home. HELP!! These dogs are being given up by the owner in SC
*FROM LAURIE: They are gorgeous, an eight year old Bearded Collie male and a three year old Jack Russell (who looks like a mini Beardie in these photos)
Please can you circulate thanks. They are best friends. These are not my dogs but I am trying to help the owner please help me!
Contact: Laurie Smith



 FROM LOUIE: I have 3.
a fixed female Tuxedo cat named Trouble (age 13)
a fixed male orange cat named Butterball (age 13)
a fixed female multicoloredcat named Patches (age 11) [daughter of Butterball and Trouble]

I have had these companions since they were small enough to be fed with a eye dropper ... They are litter box trained and are inside companions ... Great with birds, children and even dogs ... They've lived on hard food and water ... VERY low maintenence companions ...

Trouble: The most affectionate of the three. She is a lap cat. Loves to be pet and be at your attention ... loves her neck and belly petted
Patches: shes our vocal cat ... she will say hello as you walk by ... esp in the morning ... she is slightly more independent ...
Butterball: He's more shy, loving once hes used to someone ... loves to be scratched under his ears ... he's a flopper!

I am in a financial crisis and am forced to move home ... My mother cannot have furry animals in the house, due to a medical condition ... I am avoiding the shelters, knowing my companions will be put to death ... These cats have too much life left to be put to death ... please help  (they are all fixed but NOT up to date on vaccinations). ( cats this age should not be vaccinated in my opinion…Trudy)

Washington, NC: Rescue Needed ASAP!!

Sherley and Misty need an angel.
Their faces say it all. Please if you know of anyone that can rescue these sweet dogs, or if you need more information please email or call Teresa at 252-944-3051

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wilmington, DE: Blind Love Bug has spent 2 years in a shelter

This precious girl was abandoned to a shelter by  owners who just didn't have the time.  Dixie still has love in her heart and faith that she will again belong to a family.
My name is Dixie, and I am a very sweet girl who needs a forever home with someone as special as I am. I came here from another shelter March 2011, where I ended up because my family did not have enough time for me anymore. You would never guess it from my pretty smile, but I have been through a lot in my life. Still, I smile because I have faith that there is someone out there who will fall in love with me, even though I have been waiting for an awfully long time. I know you must be staring at my photo thinking someone got a little carried away with the Remove Red-Eye button while editing it... I wish that was case! I have always had issues with my eyes, to the point where I had to have one removed about a year ago. Things were OK for little while, but then I started losing vision in my remaining eye. It started to cause me a lot of pain, so that one had to go, too. It has been taking me some time to get use to my surroundings here at the shelter without being able to rely on sight. I have to learn voices instead a faces, and it is harder for me to know when someone wants to interact with me, or when another dog is coming up to sniff and introduce itself to me. On top of that, I tend to bump into things before anyone can stop me... ouch! I would love to move to a real home where I can be more comfortable once I learn where everything is. I know basic commands and love to go for walks on a leash and car rides. I will sit the lap of anyone who will let me and snuggling on a couch next to someone is my favorite thing of all. The most important thing to know about me is that what I lack in vision, I make up for in personality. I love attention and have plenty of love to give in exchange. I hope my story will open your heart and you will want to come meet me, and that once we spend some time together, you will want to open your home to me as well!

Check out my video on YouTube at it was taken when a little while ago when I had one eye, but I am still the same great dog!

Please contact Delaware Humane Association

Quakertown, PA *3 Strikes for Chloe!

Last Chance for Chloe, a GORGEOUS Flame Point Siamese Girl - She Needs a LOVING, Kind Home This Time!
*From Laura:  Chloe is on her last chance, as this is her third time at the shelter. She was adopted and returned twice; normally, this could put her on the dreaded E list; however, the shelter is doing their utmost to help Chloe find a home and avoid that awful list!

Chloe originally came into the Bucks County SPCA as a stray....imagine that! Almost immediately adopted, she was returned for not using her litter box. It is strongly suspected that the owner's dog and cat may have prevented her from doing so as she has excellent habits at the shelter. She was adopted again and returned -- this owner said she didn't like him and became aggressive when he kept picking her up and trying to hold her to stay. Really?!

Back at the shelter, her behavior improved and it's learned that she's a TYPICAL Siamese female....she likes petting and attention but, when she's had enough, she's had enough! It is recommended that Chloe be placed with cat-savvy people with no other pets and, if children, older children. She's about 1-1/2 years old and spayed.

Note from poster, Laura Schwartz: I've met Chloe and found her to be not only utterly beautiful but soft with bunny fur. She came right over and played and was as nice as could be....but, of course, I didn't pick her up and hang onto her against her will!

Transport can be arranged.
Quakertown, PA; Contact: OR