Monday, April 8, 2013

Wilmington, DE: Blind Love Bug has spent 2 years in a shelter

This precious girl was abandoned to a shelter by  owners who just didn't have the time.  Dixie still has love in her heart and faith that she will again belong to a family.
My name is Dixie, and I am a very sweet girl who needs a forever home with someone as special as I am. I came here from another shelter March 2011, where I ended up because my family did not have enough time for me anymore. You would never guess it from my pretty smile, but I have been through a lot in my life. Still, I smile because I have faith that there is someone out there who will fall in love with me, even though I have been waiting for an awfully long time. I know you must be staring at my photo thinking someone got a little carried away with the Remove Red-Eye button while editing it... I wish that was case! I have always had issues with my eyes, to the point where I had to have one removed about a year ago. Things were OK for little while, but then I started losing vision in my remaining eye. It started to cause me a lot of pain, so that one had to go, too. It has been taking me some time to get use to my surroundings here at the shelter without being able to rely on sight. I have to learn voices instead a faces, and it is harder for me to know when someone wants to interact with me, or when another dog is coming up to sniff and introduce itself to me. On top of that, I tend to bump into things before anyone can stop me... ouch! I would love to move to a real home where I can be more comfortable once I learn where everything is. I know basic commands and love to go for walks on a leash and car rides. I will sit the lap of anyone who will let me and snuggling on a couch next to someone is my favorite thing of all. The most important thing to know about me is that what I lack in vision, I make up for in personality. I love attention and have plenty of love to give in exchange. I hope my story will open your heart and you will want to come meet me, and that once we spend some time together, you will want to open your home to me as well!

Check out my video on YouTube at it was taken when a little while ago when I had one eye, but I am still the same great dog!

Please contact Delaware Humane Association

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