Sunday, April 21, 2013

Greenville, SC: Important Update on Macie, now in Atlanta

UPDATE from Doggie Harmony 4/29/13:      Hi Dog Lovers, we are offering $200 a month immediately for a Fosterer for Macie, plus food, htworm/flea prev, a bed, collar, leash the works. Macie is spayed, all shots, and ID Chipped! AND.. in Boarding as of last week! She also is very adoptable!     
     Macie is a 3 yr old 50 lb boxer mix, obed trained via Jabula Dog Academy, Decatur, housetrained,
cratetrained, and lately lived in a home for 8 months until her foster dad went to grad school. 
     Macie loves exercise, adores people, love and attention, and to be the Ultimate Companion Dog for a person/couple who are experienced dog owners.  Macie likes many dogs but not all so we want to place her as an only pet for now. 
     Please contact us if interested in fostering (or adopting) Macie. Otherwise, please forward this e-mail, and make copies of Macie's 
 flyer and hang all around Atlanta.  All Starbucks, Caribou Coffee and Einsteins NOW HAVE BULLETIN BOARDS!    This is how Macie may get discovered and fostered or adopted! Macie is Judy Townsend's dog and we are helping her to get Macie a great home now!    Thanks a lot, Maryann and Liz

MACIE's Petfinder Link is below:
 Liz at,
or Maryann at 404-401-2327 to meet, Foster  Macie.

 If you know someone that lives close to Greeneville, SC or maybe between there and Atlanta who might be in a postition to help with this please forward.  If they cannot help, ask them to forward . If you can spare ever $5.00 it would be appreciated as well. 
"Hi everyone.
Last time I wrote to you about Macie it was an email of happiness because Macie had gone to a new foster home, that ultimately wanted to adopt her.  Unfortunately, it did not work out and Macie is now in need once again. 
    - IMMEDIATE need is for transport help getting her from Greenville, S.C. back to the Atlanta area.  If anyone has any ideas or can help drive even part of the way, please let me know ASAP.  I can meet someone, but I simply can't go all the way to S.C. and back in the next few days, and I need to get her back here.

- URGENT need for help with boarding, as she will need to be boarded until another foster/adopter is found.  I know we're all inundated with donation requests, and if I didn't need the help, I wouldn't ask.  I volunteer and help with rescues, and do transports when I can.  But I'm not a rescue, and I'm not funded, and I'm trying to do the best I can.  Of course, the ultimate objective is to find Macie a homeShe did great with her previous foster family, canine and otherwise, but this time she and her fellow foster dogs simply did not get along. Because of that, I feel it will be best for Macie to be the only dog, so she doesn't have to be moved yet again.

It has been, and continues to be, a long journey for Macie, but there IS the perfect home out there for her.  And I'm committed to finding it.  This sweet face deserves it.   Judy"

For those who don't know Macie's story: she was rescued from a terrible life with a hoarder con-artist. After vetting and surgery and training, she was living in a wonderful foster home. But the foster returned to grad school and Macie had nowhere to go. She has been through a lot in her young life, and wants nothing more than a home and a person she can love.

Contact is Judy Townsend

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