Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vance Co NC: He's covered in scars & defeated, on DEATH ROW

Ironically, his name is Happy. Happy is bearing the scars of a very UNHAPPY life. He was found wandering alone & picked up by animal control; he now sits defeated, awaiting his fate on death row at a kill shelter. He is covered in scars, some appear to have been deliberate burns as his skin is blackened & leathered. Despite what torture he may have endured, this boy is amazingly sweet, patient & gentle. Happy gets along with other dogs & loves people. He is a 2-3 yr old Boxer mix, weighing only 39 lbs, heartworm negative. 

Click here for Happy's Facebook page
If you can rescue Happy, please CONTACT:
If you cannot rescue, PLEASE DONATE towards his freedom:

FREE TRANSPORT up I-95 from NC to NJ every weekend to approved rescues!
MORE PICTURES OF HAPPY and the others on DEATH ROW at Vance Co Animal Control can be seen here:

Charlotte NC: ortured BLIND 2 y/o Lab / Pitbull Mix needs Major Medical

MARLEY UPDATE from Noah's Ark:  Our Sweet boy is finally beginning to trust us. A week ago this dear boy was still hugging the floor like his life depended on it. I am sure in his past life, it did. He will now allow us to love on him and will stand up and walk without crawling across the floor. Miracles happen every day. Marley is a Miracle. We are now on our third week of taking care of him. Every day, we see a little more progress. This is a boy that gave up long ago and is having to learn to trust all over again. His physical wounds are healing beautifully. His broken Spirit is slowly being restored. The way he walks and stands now is not out of fear but of optimism. Marley has an appointment in one week with a Specialist to see if we can restore sight in one of his eyes. We love and adore this wonderful boy and will be with him every step of the way on his Journey. The Heart and Soul of an animal needs to be cherished and nurtured. We love and cherish having Marley in our Noah's Arks Rescue Family. Thanks for your support and helping us save him. YOU ARE HIS ANGELS. (click READ MORE below to cont.)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Montross, VA....The Hounds in Montross Desperately Need Your Help

Some still waiting for a name and they're quickly running out of time, maybe a week or two. Please share, cross-post, foster, adopt.... whatever you can do to help. 
Please call the shelter today at 804-493-0869 to adopt. MORE HOUNDS HAVE BEEN BROUGHT IN - PLEASE HELP!!
>>>>>>>>>>>>> He's a sweet old male hound with a hole in his face. It goes clear through to his teeth! The vet put peroxide on it. He has sad, mellow eyes! We don't have a number or other photos yet, but please return or email the contact for more information. He will be available for adoption this Friday Feb 23.

<<<<<< #7 is a shy little girl has only a little time left to live unless someone rescues her. Her mom was a small framed hound but not sure what breed her dad was. She is ready and waiting for a new forever home. She is a great age to adapt to any new home environment. Please call the shelter today at 804-493-0869 to adopt. Her Petfinder link:

ROSE #R-46 is sweet girl -UPDATE: Rose is safe at pets with disabilities. She just adores attention. She is such a beautiful girl, would prefer not to be a hunter but just a love bug. She is missing 2 toes on her front foot, looks like a birth defect, but it doesn't slow her down. She needs a sofa to call her own and a family to love on her.  MORE ABOUT #R-46: Pet ID: R-46 • Primary colors: White or Cream, Red, Chestnut or Orange • Coat length: Short  Petfinder link:  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mooresville, NC: 1.5 yr Old Lab headed to kill shelter; Fully vetted

This beautiful Black Lab mix was rescued from a kill shelter but is headed back there unless someone will help him. This  guy really needs a home. One of his present owners is threatening to send him to a kill shelter and the wife is desperate to find him a good home.
Rocky is a 1.5 year old lovable black lab mix. The owners got Rocky as a rescue and rehabilitated him to perfect health. He is current with all of his vaccines and is looking for a happy forever home where he can be loved and taken care of as a member of the family. Rocky is a potty trained inside/house dog who loves to play but will lie beside you as you rub his chest or as he chews on his bone. Rocky knows many verbal and signed commands such as sit, stay, lie down, leave it, come here, and wait for it and a number of other commands that the current owners will be happy to show you. All of Rocky’s belongings are included to make his transition easier for both him and his new owners.
CONTACT:  Nicole:  704-819-7515 or Josephine: 704-706-3732 or 704-699-2289

Charlotte, NC - Bandit - St. Bernard Mastiff Mix - 2 YR OLD BOY Family forced to downsize and cannot keep him - NEEDS RESCUE or FOREVER HOME!!

Friendly, lovable BANDIT must find a new home ASAP - a sweet inside dog now kept on a chain outside.
MEET “bandit”!! His family cannot keep him anymore due to financial reasons and downsize moving with no back yard. They did just pay to get his Heartworm test (negative) and update his shots. He is not neutered. He weighs about 68 lbs. He loves people and friendly with even strange dogs. (Not so happy with the vet taking blood though but who is.)  He was inside dog and housebroken until just recently and now is kept on a chain outside. Poor big baby!
Please contact Joan Roseberry at 704 619-2004 or (( if you can help and rescue him.

ATLANTA GA: Abandoned Sweet Shepherd Mix NEEDS RESCUE & LOVE! PLZ HELP!

*From a Volunteer:  I am sending out a plea for sweet Gerty. Gerty is scared & bewildered at the shelter. She is in quarantine at FCAS so she has NO chance of making it out of the shelter unless a rescue intervenes for her.
Gerty was picked up as a stray on 2/7. She was actually abandoned at the dog park in Piedmont Park. FCAS was called to pick her up but she was so frightened that the officers couldn't catch her. They had to place a trap in the park to catch her. Now she's at the shelter & she's very scared. I spent a considerable amount of time with her last Friday & I don't know that she's ever known kindness. When I went into her kennel, she began to shake with fear. After a few minutes, I moved closer to her & reached out to pet her. At the first touch, she flinched. She wanted the attention but was frightened, still shivering. Slowly, she began to inch closer & closer until she could lean in & give me kisses on my hand & face. After 20 minutes, she was lying next to my legs on her back for a tummy rub. Amazing that a dog that has been so neglected can be so forgiving.

I stopped by to see her again on Tuesday & she remembered me. She came up to the kennel gate, ears back & tail tucked, but giving kisses. After a few minutes in the kennel with her, she was on her back again, asking for a tummy rub. I have seen her several more times over the weekend & each time she has shown more & more excitement when I went in her kennel. Sunday, she even went down in a play pose!  Gerty is a beautiful shepherd mix with white socks on her front 2 feet. She's a medium-sized dog, approximately 45 lbs. We believe she's 2-3 years old. She's very calm & has been good with other dogs. She is in quarantine because she has hair loss above her tail from flea infestation. She is also HW+. :(   Gerty is a sweet soul who deserves a chance to know love from a family of her own. Please help!

Gerty #A451150 - German Shepard Mix
CONTACT: Amy at (( or Joyelle at ((

Friday, February 22, 2013


*Update: Dingo is safe, pulled by a rescue and soon will have a good home.
Dingo doesn't have long at a gassing facility. He deserves to know a loving home.
*From Diana: This is DINGO -- does not seem that this boy has had an easy life... Please help us find him a safe place to recover and finally be treated the way he deserves. Almost totally blind!
To pull dogs please contact Humane Society of Raleigh County Inc., Beckley, WV- Phone:304-253-8921 or 304-255-9134 (Volunteers can assist with transportation) Please call the shelter at the above phone number or email for questions.
**Please DO NOT contact the shelter about the gassing! It only makes them not want to work with rescues and is counterproductive. It is not the shelters fault. The shelter has no say in what form of euthanasia is used...that's chosen by their municipality, not the shelter.
Dingo's Facebook page:

Hempstead, Long Island * RUBY* Living in a Shelter with No HOME in Sight...NO LIFE!!!

February 19, 2013 / Hempstead Long Island / *Town of Hempstead Municipal Animal Shelter* / NO Offers! No Inquiries…
Young Ruby#8222 - GROWING UP IN THE SHELTER!! Ruby Came in with a lame leg, had surgery to repair fractured femoral head in hind leg, should be in a home not the shelter to be able to play! Good with other dogs, ok with cats. Playful, needs to learn some manners (jumps/mouthy), shepherd mix. 9months old. LET RUBY GROW UP IN A HOME NOT A SHELTER!!!
Contract Shari Polen:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


OSCAR, A BEAUTIFUL YELLOW LAB NEEDS YOUR HELP TO FIND A HOME. *FROM CRYSTAL:  This is Oscar, a yellow lab. He is approximately 5 or 6 years old and weighs 57 pounds. I received a phone call about him lingering around a neighborhood for quite some time. Neighbors were putting out food for him but he does not belong to any of them. He had an injury (vet seems to think it was from an attack from another animal) on his leg that was getting infected. I took him to the vet and had it stitched up. He is now on antibiotics. He is heartworm negative. I am raising money to get his shots and get him neutered and hope to have that done within the next week. Could you please forward and see if a rescue is able to take him? He is great with the other dogs he has been around and has been great with children. I have not had him around cats so I do not know how he reacts with them. As you know I do not have any more room for another dog. I have a temporary foster for him but they can only keep him for 3 weeks. He is a sweet, sweet boy. Thank you for your help!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cumming, GA: Jasmine, 15 year old family dog missing!



 I desperately need your help! Our sweet 15 year old dog, Jasmine, went missing Tuesday night. She has bad arthritis in her back legs.
She has been without meds going on 2 days. Please, if you live in
North Georgia, repost this to help us get the word out. We live in
Cumming of Post Road and Drew Campground.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Nashville, TN: Good Samaritan pleading for help for brother and sister puppies

 Sherri Levy could not leave these two defenseless puppies without the help they needed.  The little girl had been hit by a car.  Sherri got help for them, but just cannot keep them.  Please help her help them.  Read her story below.

These pups were abandoned by my apartments. Boy and girl, both fixed. Brother and sister. Taken to vet. They are approximately 6 months old. Husky/Shepherd mix. SOOOO sweet and affectionate. Little girl hit by car, broken leg, casted. (Will remain 6-8 weeks.) 37 and 40 pounds. My heart aches for them but I cannot keep them. Please forward email/pics, post in Facebook or if anyone has room in their heart and home please let me know. :'(   Sherri Levy

2-16-13:  A note from Sherri:

Here are more pics today after their bath, (they met a skunk on their travels) and
resting peacefully... (so bonded together) after playing with my friend's dog all day!!
  "They're really doing well but need a home, instead of my apartment. Feeling a little hopeless today. They're so sweet but this just isn't fair to them & my cat is in hiding. :( I hope we can find a forever home with a yard & Loving people to take them both together SOON.
Thanks for spreading the word.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

*Lafayette, TN: Jossie and Humphrey need your assistance

 Jossie was rescued and helped save a little Jack Russell boy who was her best friend and savior when she was so scared.
Humphrey is being adopted too!

Can you donate a few dollars? These two babies were rescued by Matt and Sarah (Sally) King. (see story below)  Paypal to
We need donations to help with the vetting of these

Monday, February 11, 2013


EVERYONE PLEASE PASS THIS ON AND LET'S HOPE WE CAN FIND HER DOGS! If your rescue took any dogs from Etowah Valley Humane Society in Cartersville, GA around 12/13/12 read on!


Hi all, I called the party, Ashley Crumbley for clarification today on this.
First, her dogs were stolen, than went to Bartow County AC , Transferred to Etowah Valley Humane Society in Cartersville Georgia on December 13th, and THEN were rescued to an out of state Rescue. WHO that rescue was, Etowah Valley will not tell Ms Crumbley for legal reasons /privacy laws.

SO…PLEASE the Rescue who HAS these dogs step up and return them to Ms. Crumbley
by calling her at: 1-678 368 3955 ( her cell which is always on).
She desperately wants her dogs back!
Male Yellow Lab ( nuetered) , Sarge and Sophie, (spayed),Female Pointer X.
For large pic of these dogs, pls open the PDF file.

Please forward far and wide. These dogs were stolen from their yard and have been missing ever since. Thankfully they were pulled by rescue but the trail goes cold there. Flyers attached.

*From: Ashley Crumbley <>

Our dogs were brought to Bartow County Animal Control December 3rd, They were transferred to Etowah Valley Humane Society in Cartersville Georgia on December 13th, that is where the trail goes cold.. they were sent together to an out of state rescue and have been seen since. Our babies were stolen out of our yard by a very malicious woman. Sophie, the female German Short Haired Pointer mix is heart worm positive, spayed and can be food aggressive. Sarge, our VERY large lab is neutered and is not very fond of men, he has light blonde freckles on his front legs.

Please share with your rescue connections, the number listed on the flyer is my cell phone which is ALWAYS on me.

Thank you SO much,
Ashley Crumbley

"Faith, Love and Happiness"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chase City, VA: Blue Horse Equine Retirement and Rescue Center needs your help

This wonderful and inspiring rescue has done so much good.  Rabiah Seminole, the founder and director and the heart and sole of this rescue is reaching out for donations and/or ideas to continue the good works they do. Please take a moment to read her letter and visit their website.  There is a video worth a thousand words.

“I am writing this because I am afraid. Afraid that all the work here may be coming to an end. We are struggling and need help.

We have taken in horses and dogs that all came with a story. Every story was pretty much the same.  ...“if you will take my beloved companion, I will send a donation every month to help, or I will come and volunteer , or I will help to raise funds, or I will come and help fix fencing etc.”

There have been few exceptions in those promises. There have been some wonderful people that have lived up to every promise they made. Others have not. Honestly, I did not expect them to. We have been doing this for 15 years and in that time have heard every story in the book about why someone could not continue to keep their companion. Some were very viable. Others, not so much.

The point is, we now DO need your help. Help to provide the care that every single one of these beautiful souls need and deserve. If every person that had promised to help had or would do what they said, things would be ok.

Our feed bill a year for grain alone is $30,000.00 our hay bill is $26,000.00 this is just for horse feed and hay. This does not include farrier fees which is approximately  $150.00 per week and vet bills. Thankfully our dog and cat food is now being donated.

I always hate asking for help and have done so only on a few occasions. We do not have the funds to do commercials or anything that cost money. We use every penny to support the ones here that are depending on us.

So now, I am not just asking for help, I am begging for your help. $5.00 WILL BUY A BALE OF HAY. No amount is to small.  If you would like to help with our feed you may call Spaulding’s and ask for Lonnie at 434-735-8161.

Even as small a thing as saving your Southern States proof of purchase from the tops of feed bags and sending them to us.  Read here about how that helps.

I have set up a page . with my photographs all the proceeds that I receive from selling those will go to Blue Horse. There you can purchase, prints, cards,etc of the images that I have taken around the rescue. I am trying everything I can to continue our work....but I need your help..... “

If you would like to make a donation you may do so by going to our website and use our pay pal account there. Or you can send a check to:

                          Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center
                                                             25859 Hwy 49
                                                      Chase City, Virginia 23924

Thanking you in advance  and Many Blessings

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Marietta, GA: Help them help Bandit!

Bandit was going to be put to sleep because his special needs required time his owner did not have.  Julie, a young mother of a special needs child who also works as a vet tech reached out and took him into her heart and her home.  Now Bandit is in pain and needs surgery Julie cannot afford.  Please help them realize the dream of Bandit becoming a therapy dog while Julie's tiny son receives his own help to one day walk along side Bandit and his mom.

 "I would like to ask you for help. I know people probably ask you for help all the time, but please listen to my situation whole heartedly.

I am a 31 year old mother to the most amazing special needs kiddo in the world. He is three years old, and our lives have forever been changed by him. He was born with a really rare genetic disorder that has resulted in global delays and he can not walk or talk yet. I have every faith though, that one day he will run and scream to his hearts content. To get to this though, he does therapy every single day. Our lives are consumed by doctors visits and we are in and out of therapy centers weekly.

I am 31 years old and I have been a veterinary technician for the last 10 years. I love animals. We have 2 cocker spaniels, 2 chihuahuas, and 2 fat cats.  A couple of months ago, an owner came into the hospital and wanted to put her dog to sleep. This sweet dog happened to be a black and tan 7 year old cocker spaniel. Now she wanted to put him to sleep because he had suffered a back injury leaving his back legs paralyzed and she just couldn't help him with all that was going on in her life. I had to step in. I was able to get her to sign Bandit over to me and she thinks that I am her guardian angel. We now have 3 cocker spaniels!!

  He loves everyone. He flew around my back yard with his homemade harness on his back legs holding his rear up when he went out for  potty breaks. He was on strict restriction, so during the other times he was either in a baby play pen or on my lap on the couch.  

  Bandit is the most loving seven year old cocker spaniel I have ever met in my entire life. He came in to the vet because he was suddenly ataxic in the rear. I took him home and by the evening he was completely paralyzed in the rear. I started walking him in a homemade rear harness and realized that he was doing great walking like this. So about a month later he got himself some wheels from a very generous man at the Rolling Dog Project.

He was doing so good.... Until the night before last. His vertebra L1 was now collapsed. Without surgical intervention he is going to be in pain. I am so heartbroken. I have only known this dog for a little over two months but he has touched my life in so many ways. 

We spend so much time in and out of therapy centers for our little boy. My hope for Bandit is that after his surgery and hopefully some recovery, that he can be a therapy dog. He loves everyone and would thrive on going to therapy centers and hospitals.  Bandit was supposed to get his certification for Happy Tails on Feb. 16th to be a therapy dog.

I really want to help him. This is an emergency. I work in a small animal hospital but they do not do spinal surgery. The specialist in the area will give me a 25% discount on the surgery, but we can not afford it. I already have a $700 vet bill at my animal hospital. I thought I was going to have to put him to sleep yesterday, but I just couldn't. I want to give him every chance I can. 

                                     Please, please help us to help Bandit. 

I have created a Facebook page for him.  Even if you cannot donate, perhaps you would share his page for me.  Thanks for visiting and sharing The Bandit Fund.

Since Cristian was born, I am only able to work a few hours a week at the animal hospital because he needs me more than anything. This has left us living on a single income, where we had 2 incomes when we purchased our home in 2008.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know could help.  If anyone would like to verify who I am and what I am trying to do,  I work at Lassiter Animal Hospital in Marietta GA.

                                                      Julie Denton

If you care to donate anything at all, you can do so through Paypal to my email address above.  Bandit and my family thank you for taking the time to read and for anything you can do.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Atlanta, GA: Stunning GSD girl - $300 sponsor

Take at look at this precious bundle of personality...she is doing every cute pose and trick she can think of to convince you that she needs to come home with you!  If you don't have room, please crosspost and share.
Stunning girl! Please be her lifeline! Fully vetted & chipped.
If you can help her, please Contact Amy at ( (fcas volunteer) or Joyelle at  
Betty #A406986