Sunday, February 24, 2013

ATLANTA GA: Abandoned Sweet Shepherd Mix NEEDS RESCUE & LOVE! PLZ HELP!

*From a Volunteer:  I am sending out a plea for sweet Gerty. Gerty is scared & bewildered at the shelter. She is in quarantine at FCAS so she has NO chance of making it out of the shelter unless a rescue intervenes for her.
Gerty was picked up as a stray on 2/7. She was actually abandoned at the dog park in Piedmont Park. FCAS was called to pick her up but she was so frightened that the officers couldn't catch her. They had to place a trap in the park to catch her. Now she's at the shelter & she's very scared. I spent a considerable amount of time with her last Friday & I don't know that she's ever known kindness. When I went into her kennel, she began to shake with fear. After a few minutes, I moved closer to her & reached out to pet her. At the first touch, she flinched. She wanted the attention but was frightened, still shivering. Slowly, she began to inch closer & closer until she could lean in & give me kisses on my hand & face. After 20 minutes, she was lying next to my legs on her back for a tummy rub. Amazing that a dog that has been so neglected can be so forgiving.

I stopped by to see her again on Tuesday & she remembered me. She came up to the kennel gate, ears back & tail tucked, but giving kisses. After a few minutes in the kennel with her, she was on her back again, asking for a tummy rub. I have seen her several more times over the weekend & each time she has shown more & more excitement when I went in her kennel. Sunday, she even went down in a play pose!  Gerty is a beautiful shepherd mix with white socks on her front 2 feet. She's a medium-sized dog, approximately 45 lbs. We believe she's 2-3 years old. She's very calm & has been good with other dogs. She is in quarantine because she has hair loss above her tail from flea infestation. She is also HW+. :(   Gerty is a sweet soul who deserves a chance to know love from a family of her own. Please help!

Gerty #A451150 - German Shepard Mix
CONTACT: Amy at (( or Joyelle at ((

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