Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lawrenceville, GA: Owner surrender - 3 dogs - PRECIOUS FAMILY PETS - trained/vetted/adorable! Please open your home to them. SPCA is FULL!!!!!!!

10-20-12:  Mary has found a home for Roxy (the Pom), but Max and Trixie are still looking.  Please keep networking for them - we have 10 days.

There, but for the grace of God, go anyone of us.  Heartbreak all around...lets help Mary find a home for her precious Max, Trixie and Roxy.  Look how obediently and prettily they pose for her.

I am DESPERATE to find a good home for my 3 dogs. Am in a position where I am being forced out of my home and cannot take them with me. I have had each of them since they were only weeks old...all 3 are rescues.

I live in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County ...PLEASE HELP ME, they each hold a part of my heart and I NEED to know they are safe and well cared for. I only have til 10/31/12 to get them placed, I have to be out of my home by then.

Max, black lab, male 4 yrs old, neutured.
Trixy, white lab/border collie, female 5 yrs old, spayed.
Roxy, black Pomeranian, female 7 yrs old, NOT spayed.

Mary Matos  - 678-689-4588

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