Wednesday, October 3, 2012

*Decatur, GA: 2 wonderful dogs losing home in a week

 10-7-12  Read the good news from Wesley.  Jonah and Olive are going to be fine!
Hey Everyone,
Jonah and Olive officially have a place to stay until I can get back on my feet, which I hope to do as quick as possible. This was confirmed today with a wonderful woman, Sheila, and her husband who have several dogs of their own and a large, fenced in yard. I am very confident that they will be well cared for and loved just as much as they are by myself. Thank you everyone who has helped get the word out and made this possible. I wish I could personally e-mail each and every one of you and tell you how much this has meant to me, but that would take a very long time so please except this mass e-mail as an official thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think it goes without saying that I have many good deeds I need to pass on after this. 

Wes, Jonah, & Olive

To whoever can help, please read. I have been unemployed for a little over a year now and my savings account has slowly dwindled down to just under $100 as I type this. I have applied and applied for jobs and nothing has come up.

 After speaking with my grandmother, who lives in Texas, about my situation, she invited me to come and live with her and work at my grandfather's diner while I save up money and get back on my feet, but that I couldn't bring my dogs. I pleaded with her and tried to help her understand what wonderful dogs they are and she said she doesn't doubt how wonderful they are but she simply can't have dogs living with her due to her recent respiratory failure that now requires her to use an oxygen tank.

 A very generous friend of mine has allowed myself and my two dogs to stay with him for the past eight months, but now he is engaged to be married and is attempting to start a life and I cannot continue to live there while he is doing so. I am not being kicked out, but I am aware that he has allowed me to stay there far longer than he probably anticipated. There is no one, family or friends, who can support me financially or allow me to stay with them while I have two dogs. At this point, going to stay with my grandparents is the only option I have anymore.

Giving up my dogs is something that never crossed my mind but I am terrified that within the next couple of weeks I might not be able to feed them or, even worse, get them immediate medical attention should they require it. They are both in great health. If you can help me, please contact me at


Here is complete information on these two precious dogs:

Jonah (Decatur, GA)
Sex: Male
Breed: Parsons Russell Terrier
Age: Approx. 7 or 8 years old
Coat: Brown/White (Slightly Rough)
Eyes: Brown
Fixed: Yes
Height: Approx. 16 inches from floor to top of shoulders
Weight: Approx. 20-25 lbs
Up-To-Date on Shots: Needs Rabies Renewed
Heartworm Negative
Housebroken: Yes
Gets along with:
  Adults: Yes
  Children: Yes
  Dogs: Yes
  Cats: Yes
Temperament: Laid back, likes to sleep, extremely smart, sweet and gentle, loves attention, loves food, barks if 
someones at the door, does very well on a leash

Olive (Decatur, GA)
Sex: Female
Breed: Husky/Boxer Mix
Age: Approx. 4 years old
Coat: Tan/White (Smooth Coat)
Eyes: Blue
Spayed: Yes
Height: Approx. 22-24 inches from floor to top of shoulders
Weight: Approx. 45-50 lbs
Up-To-Date on Shots: Needs Rabies Renewed
Heartworm Negative
Housebroken: Yes
Gets along adults, children, cats and other dogs.   
 Temperament: Very laid back, likes to cut loose in the yard and is very playful, very smart and pays close  
attention, loves to talk and yodel to you.  She's only skittish when startled.  Loves going on walks or hikes, walks very well on a leash but has developed some slight leash aggression toward other dogs her size (usually only if the other dog is going crazy trying to get closer to her), independent but loves attention.

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