Saturday, October 6, 2012

*Atlanta, GA: 7 year old laboratory beagle needs a retirement home in one month!

10-09-12 Adopted!!!
"Hello Everyone!
I am here to give you an update on Norm. We have found him a home! A big thanks to Neil and family in Long Island who has stepped up to the plate to take Norm and give him a loving home! I have started Norm's adoption papers and in a few short weeks Norm will be on his way to New York!
Rightly so, we have undying gratitude for military sacrifices to save us; shouldn't there also be a category for lab animals? This sweetheart has served humankind in a study for 7 yrs. Surely some human can offer him a post-lab life with green grass and unlimited affection?
Hey all,
This is Sammie. I am the student trying to find a home for Norm. I am so excited that so many people are trying to help me. However, please only pass his information along to people
you know and trust.  Only people who belong work in the facility can adopt Norm (for the safety of the Norm). So please contact me if you would like to provide a home for him as I will have to get started on the paperwork to adopt him myself. Also, for those who don't believe in lab work, here is a little insider information- I love animals and aspire to be a vet. I would not work here if I did not believe in the work that is being done. These animals will save your life one day. All the animals are very well cared for. It is my job to ensure that each dog had toys and a bed,a perfectly balanced die,  in a perfect, clean, 72 degree room.

I just want whomever has received one of Norm's emails to understand all of that. All of that said, here is a little more on Norms story.

Norm is a research purpose bred beagle. He has been a part of a heartworm study for most of his life. He is heartworm negative, hence the name Norm for "normal". Norm will come neutered and current on all vaccines. He is very loved but cannot be kept here due to the expenses of keeping an animal in a highly controlled lab environment. He is perfectly healthy. Norm would be perfect as an outdoor dog with a fenced yard, as he is not potty trained. He is very sweet and loving.

Don't worry too much because Norm will be around awhile. His doctor does not want to see Norm euthanized and therefore will keep him as long as his money allows here in the facility. When the day comes that Norm cannot stay here anymore I will adopt him. I cannot keep Norm long because I live in an apartment. So please let me know if you could take him.

Thanks guys!


If you can help Norm, please contact

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