Thursday, September 27, 2012

Out of the shelter and now in a foster home, but she's been in foster before. Please don't let her have to go back to the shelter again... help us find Taffy a forever home.  See below for her web page and Facebook page.
*From Levy and Barbara:
Hi! My name is Taffy. I'm shouting inside and no one seems to hear me. Please… listen closely to my story.
I want to tell you many things so that you will understand me, adopt me, and let me be your forever companion. I am about five years old now, with gorgeous amber eyes and a handsome taffy-colored coat. Four years ago I was found by Castaway Critters Pet Rescue running along a busy highway. I was only a little over a year old at the time. I was very hungry, thin, covered with fleas and pregnant. They took me to the shelter where I had three puppies; one of which died but the other two were adopted into loving homes. In spite of all my issues, I am a beautiful girl (both inside and out).

You probably know that my being a pit mixed-breed scares people because of all the bad press we’ve been given. It's unfortunate because I’m actually extremely sweet and really love people. As with most dogs of any breed, there are some dogs I just don’t like, so I am looking for a parent who wants an only child. I love to be hugged, take walks in the park and have my tummy rubbed.

Because the shelter has so many animals staying here, I am often overlooked as most people want those “foo foo” little dogs that come in. So here I remain, 4 years later, with decent accommodations but with little to look forward to except my next meal and the hope that someone will take me for a walk and then to McDonalds for a burger. Even this doesn't happen often because the volunteers and workers at the shelter are so busy helping all the animals. I understand that, but it still makes me sad.

I’m so sad sometimes that I don’t even feel like eating and am hardly interested in treats anymore. All I want is for someone to love me like I would love them. Let me ride shotgun with the wind blowing in my face and take me home. One time I went home with another pit. The family had a mom and dad and children. It was so much fun and I even got to sleep on their bed! Unfortunately, this was a temporary situation because the people couldn’t keep me forever. They liked me a lot, but I found out that’s what fostering means. When I had to go back to the shelter I was depressed because I loved that home and family. I really want a home of my own.

Please help me, I’m so mentally desperate for someone to love me and take care of me. I am begging you for a chance to prove what a wonderful friend I will be. I can show you that I’m really a “foo foo” dog in a pit bull costume. If I were a human, I would be crying and you would see and hear me… and you would take action. Won’t you give me a chance? 

PLEASE… DO YOU HEAR ME? If you do, give my friend Levy a call at 404.219.4431 and ask her about me!! You can also email her directly at I would be so grateful if you could give me the forever home I so rightly deserve and desire. Should you not be able to help at this time, thank you for reading my story and keep me in your thoughts. Maybe you know of someone who can help so please forward my story.

Make me a happy dog forever and I will give you all my love. 



*A Note From Levy: 
Hey guys,
I changed Taffy’s flyer to have my name on it instead of Barbara’s. I did that so I would know if any of my efforts were working and also because some of the places I am leaving the flyer I will be talking to them and starting a rapport and if they call I want them to get me and not Barbara.

If you want to do the same thing or just use the flyer with my name on it, please feel free. I don’t think it matters as long as it gets her a home. I am glad to take any calls if you want to leave my name on here.

I did it in Word in case you wanted to make any changes. The version Tim Pauley sent out was a PDF that cannot be altered.

I really feel close to this effort and want to be personally involved and I am begging all of you to please take this flyer to any place you can think of. Email to your friends and ask them to forward it on. Please share the FB post of her on your personal FB page and do it OFTEN. Not just once. The new timeline format of FB moves your posts off your page very fast and if you just post it once, are you really doing her any good???? So please make sure you post it all the time to keep it current. She is so sad. I have seen her personally and she just lays there in her run. She doesn’t even move when a car drives up or you walk by her run. All the other dogs are going nuts and she just lies there. It’s completely heart breaking.

Surely one of us can reach someone through all of our networks that will give this girl a loving home. They took her off the streets 4 years ago and she’s been in jail ever since. She gets her 2 square meals a day and a small fence with a roof on it to lay and merely exist for another day. With no hope and no reason to care anymore. She has never known what its like to live like our own personal dogs live. She deserves better and we CAN make a difference for her if we just put in a little effort.

Please don’t NOT act on her behalf because she’s a pit bull. If you find yourself resisting the urge to send this to EVERYONE you know because you don’t want certain people to think poorly of you because she is a pit bull and you are lobbying on her behalf, then you probably should not be associated with this Rescue group. Shannon has been a voice for this breed for many years and takes them in when no one else will. I’m not saying you have to adopt a pit bull or love the breed but her breed should not be the reason why you don’t put her word out there. That’s all I am saying. Look at her as a dog with no prejudice. A desperate dog who needs your help.

Thank you all here in Milton for helping her. I really think that if we give this the kind of effort we give for other fundraising efforts, we can find her a loving home. Even if you know someone in another state, please tell them about her. I will drive her somewhere to meet someone. If you could just see her in her run at the shelter, I promise you, you would get her message out to anyone and everyone you know and come across. It’s so very sad.

Thanks again SO MUCH!

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