Monday, September 17, 2012

*Raleigh, NC - Baby beagle without use of back legs

9-19-12.  Rescued!!
This tiny baby deserves a chance - she just came into the world and is already in a shelter.  Please help get her out and get the medical attention she might need.
PLEASE CROSSPOST URGENT DOGS - NO CRAIG'S LIST OR SIMILAR SITES! - This poor little girl doesn't stand much of a chance in this kill shelter.  Please save Booger!
To pull dogs please contact Humane Society of Raleigh County Inc., Beckley , WV- Phone: 304-253-8921 or 304-255-9134 (Volunteers can assist with transportation) Please call the shelter at the above phone number or email ((( for questions.
**Please DO NOT contact the shelter about the gassing! It only makes them not want to work with rescues and is counterproductive. It is not the shelters fault. The shelter has no say in what form of euthanasia is used...that's chosen by their municipality, not the shelter.

Pull fees:
Altered dogs = $85.00
Non Altered dogs = $35.00
All dogs have had a DHLPP vaccine

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