Friday, September 21, 2012

*Birmingham, AL: Mutley's Owner died - the house is being sold and he is alone!

7-18-13:  Wonderful update on Mutley!  I don't know if you remember this Dog we were trying to find a home for a while back, but I wanted to let you know we now have him in Alabaster. we went in debt to build a fence and he is with us now.It sure is nice not to have to drive 53 miles everyday to feed our Dog, we did it for 1 yr 1 week. I thought you might like a happy ending! Margie"

9-20-12:  Mutley is still at the house, his owner's family still makes the drive everyday to feed and care for him.  We are trying to help get his vaccinations, neutering and heartworm testing so he can be ready for the new home he so desperately wants.  Please share his story and any ideas you may have to help them all.

Birmingham, AL: Mutley's owner died - he is alone and the house is being sold!

8-6-12:  Mutley is still patiently waiting for a new family. Please continue to crosspost and network for him. He spends everyday by himself.

Mutley's mom's family is driving 56 miles everyday to feed and water him in spite of the fact that Margie has been unemployed for 20 months  and this is difficult financially.  They could take the easy way out, but they just cannot abandon Mutley.  Keeping him at their home is impossible.  They are desperately trying to find him a safe and loving home.

From Margie Montgomery:

"I need to find a foster/forever home for Mutley. He is in the Ensley Highlands area of Birmingham, Alabama. He is part Coonhound/Mutt, around 6 yrs old, needs vet care. He is a good watch dog, but he is very loving and relates well to people. He belonged to my Mother in Law who passed away recently.

 My Husband and I are having to drive 56 miles everyday to feed and water him. We are looking for someone that has a  fenced in yard and/or some land if possible. We want someone that loves dogs and will take good care of him. We can't keep him because we don't have a fence and have 3 cats.  I don't believe he has ever been to the Vet, he belonged to my Mother in Law and she could not afford to take him to the Vet. He is not neutered.  He is about 6 yrs old, but I don't know a birthdate, as he was a stray that was abandoned from the neighbors next door when he was about 1 yr old and he started hanging around and became her dog.

He seems to play well with other dogs, but I don't think he gets along with cats. He is a very loving dog, not aggressive, he just barks when he sees people walking down the alley. He has never bitten anybody. I have never been afraid to approach him.  He is in a fence at the present time at my Mother in Laws house, but since she is deceased my husband will be selling the house in the near future. We are having to drive over to the house and feed and water him everyday. I am unemployed for about 20 mos now and we just don't have the money to spend on the gas, but yet we cannot abandoned him. "

Please contact Margie 205- 663-1504. Email is  Thank you.
Margie Montgomery

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