Saturday, March 3, 2012

Van Nuys, CA: 4 month old baby boxer very ill and in a shelter

WHO AM I?  This is Tigger.  He is an owner surrender. Tigger is a  4 months old Brindle Boxer. Tigger needs out ASAP and to a hospital where he can get the help he needs.   There are the notes from the owner saying that he started acting lethargic 2 weeks  ago.  Tigger is very weak and cannot walk.  This started 2 days ago.  He is not vomiting and there is  no  diarrhea but he is drooling alot. He does not eat or drink water. Has all  his vxs except rabies last vxs given 2/26/12.  Owner cannot afford to do anything else.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  This little puppy needs attention immediately.  He is not eating or drinking, but drooling.  The fact that he is not drinking water, alone can be fatal.  He needs to be diagnosed and treated.
He needs temporary foster or a permanent home - he needs out of the shelter to be hydrated and given nutrients to regain his strength.  We need to find out why he is having these scary symptoms.  (It is even possible that he has been poisoned or bitten by something.)  Please reach out to your contacts and rescues. 

WHERE AM I?  East Valley Animal Care Center                            
                             14409 Vanowen St.                            
                              Van Nuys, Ca 91405
Tigger A1289034

Veronica S Perry
New Hope Coordinator
Bottle Baby Foster Coordinator
Cell (213) 435-9152

East Valley Animal Care Center
14409 Vanowen st
Van Nuys, Ca 91405

Shelter (818) 756-9323 (

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