Thursday, March 1, 2012

Houston, TX: After 11 years, family sending her to shelter

Older Beagle's Family Does Not Want Her Anymore, She is Headed to a Shelter Soon - NEEDS NEW HOME OR RESCUEThis 11 year old girl needs  to find a rescue, foster or new home who will give this precious little Grandma dog  the time and love she deserves!. Perhaps a Beagle Rescue or someone looking for a loyal, sweet companion will help her.  After living with her family for 11 years, she will never understand being put in a cage with a cold cement floor.  She will never understand why her toys are gone, her food bowl and her bed have been left behind.  She will never understand why they left her there.  Please network for her before this happens - we don't have much time.  They don't deserve her love....but someone out there does.  Sorry these pictures are not the best, but you can't miss the sweetness in her face as she shows off her little sweater.
 Contact is Patricia Morris.  

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