Friday, March 9, 2012

March 8, 2012 Medford, Long Island Eddie and Freddie’s Mom Won’t Be Coming Home…

8-12-12:  The rest of the story:  "They did find a home in the nick of time after their mom died and home was being emptied out quickly. The new home was great for two weeks than husband became extremely allergic.  Now they are with an elderly neighbor of my sister who took them in. They had all their medical updates done. Are happy. The woman just had surgery last Monday due to a brain tumor.

I don't have an update since then, but I know the woman has grown children that are animal lovers - so I am hoping if the woman can't care for them, her children will. My sister lives in the condo complex and helps out and is involved. She loves them and is looking out for them - though cannot take them herself. Marie"

Their Mom is dying of cancer and they have nowhere to go. This senior Doxie and Cockapoo need to stay together.
*From M: Please share far and wide with your furiends and rescue contacts on behalf of these two darlings in MEDFORD, LONG ISLAND, NY! Their mom is dying of cancer, won't be coming home, and family wants to dump them in a shelter:(( She's had them since they were 2 yrs. old and they'll be so upset and confused.

WHO ARE THEY? *From Trudy: Their Owner is currently in hospital w stage 4 cancer It was just decided that the woman would be going to a nursing/hospice next. They have always been together. The dying woman has had both since they are 2 mos old. 
Eddie is the white CockerPoo 11yrs. old
Freddie is the Dachshund 7 yrs, old. They've both been Jeri's cherished pets, since they're 2 months old. 
They've been her constant companion, they've been lost and very sad without her. They're healthy, very loving and well behaved. Sadly, the woman’s family wants nothing to do with the dogs and plans to take them to a shelter…incomprehensible to us! It is what it is…shaming won’t help now! NOW we must place these two in a loving home…together. PLEASE HELP…They are small and wonderful dogs and loving companions.WHERE ARE THEY? MEDFORD, LONG ISLAND, NY! 
*Marie is NOT a Family Member*

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