Sunday, May 17, 2015

4 feral cats need to be put in a sanctuary due to their "home" being demolished very soon. 
Sonnia has secured placement in one of the BEST BEST Sanctuaries in the US!! The fee is $500 per cat for is well worth it.  Please !!!!!!

*From Sonnia: ... Look at the pics and you will see that the fence has been put up and the garage, carport and the houses will soon be demolished. I took over this colony of 4 when the original feeder just left and did not return. If you look closely you can see their cat house inside the car port. I no longer have access to go inside the car port to feed. Junk has been splashed all over and it's not going to be SAFE there much longer for them. They have been TNR last year. I have a place for them but the cost is $500 per cat. I will pay for the vetting. I cannot fund this myself. I have exhausted my funds to other rescues and I need help for these 4 cats.

PLEASE I am asking for help to relocate these cats to a nicer happier place. Any donation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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