Saturday, March 21, 2015

**Atlanta, GA: Urgent help needed for Simba - chained and neglected in the cold

4-30-15:  What a wonderful resolution for sweet Simba.  He will never be out in the cold and rain again and never miss another meal.  He will live his life out as a spoiled member of the family.

 "Simba is doing great.  His appetite is getting better everyday.  He has two and half weeks of restriction for heartworms.  He seems to be doing great.  I am attaching a picture of Simba and my daughter.  Look at the smile on his face. Please tell everyone at Doggie Harmony thanks so bringing this precious baby to our family.  Jerri"


Dear Rescue Friends, 

I am reaching out for financial support for a beautiful dog that was living in horrible conditions on the end of a chain.   I have found rescue for Simba,  but before he can leave for New England, he must be altered and heart worm treated. He is very strong HW positive. 

For meds, x-rays, 3 Emiticide injections, required boarding, neuter, health certificate, 4X Snap test and transport fee to New England , we need $947.00 total.  

Please look at the attached pictures and you will see what horrific condition this poor dog was in at the time Julie and Mary discovered this sweet pooch.  These pictures are so sad, but thankfully, due to a couple of very nice, compassionate ladies, he is safe.

Simba is a wonderful dog, so sweet and trusting, even after he was treated so badly. And he is a beautiful boy, inside and out.  

If you can donate towards his care, we would be very grateful. No amount is too small and every dollar helps.  As always, you  can donate through Doggie Harmony Inc. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue organization.  The PayPal account to donate is This will go directly to the “Simba account” to cover his upcoming treatment and care. 

Or, you can send a check, made payable to Doggie Harmony Inc. to:   

Doggie Harmony

PO Box 3008
Decatur, GA 30031

Please reference “Simba” on the check.  

We would greatly appreciate your help.  We ask that you also please forward this e-mail to others so that we have a better chance of raising the funds. Thanks so much. 

Liz, Doggie Harmony

Simba's Story 

In November of 2014, a matted, furry intact male dog, a Husky mix, was spotted at the end of my road in a junkyard lot beside a residence chained to a tree. My neighbor who texted me had seen him there for several weeks, left on the chain 24/7. The length of the chain was about 8-9 feet. It was raining, muddy, and there was a small plastic doghouse, no bedding. A pink plastic bowl had about half an inch of water in it. The dog looked sad and miserable. I approached the dog one day when no one was home, and found he was friendly. He looked up at me with sad eyes, and was trusting. 

My neighbor and I talked with someone who had a rescue. She called Animal Control on the situation. Although they made a visit, the owner lied to them and said the dog was taken in at night. I knew from my own observation that the dog was on the chain night and day with no break. I followed up with a phone call to AC myself and was told, "The dog was fine." 

The dog was not fine. But the dog disappeared...... I assumed he had been moved off the property somewhere ELSE in Forsyth County. Other neighbors, neighbors whom I did not know at the time but have since met, tell me he suffered through the brutal ice storm we had, and then the snow a few weeks later still on his chain behind the house on the property, where he had been relocated. He was not fed dog food, but human leftovers like pizza crusts.  

Around the first of March, I was in my driveway when a car stopped at the top of my driveway. An old man, the owner of that property at the end of the block, came walking down. He asked me if I was the lady who was "into dogs." I replied, "Yes." He told me a dog had been left with him by a friend of his son's, and that he did not want it to go to the pound, and could I help. What I had hoped and prayed for had come true! The dog was going to be free of a life of misery. He signed the dog over to me and my pet sitter, friend and neighbor, named Julie. Through a special grant at a local vet, he had his vaccinations and heart worm test given to him for free. She estimates he is 6 years old. He has also been de-wormed. A groomer in Winder, GA donated her services to shave and groom him. She had to shave him to the skin due to the severe matting, but was able to leave the fur on his head, giving him an adorable lion cut. My friend Julie and I named the dog Simba. 

The vet discovered he was strongly heart worm positive. Three dots appeared on the SNAP test. He begins HW treatment on Monday, assuming we can raise the funds to start treatment. My vet in Marietta is able to give Simba rescue discount and emiticide treatment for $600.00, including his meds, xray and required boarding. He will have to have a series of 3 shots, rather than 2 due to the strong positive test. He is a large dog, and needs a larger dose than most smaller dogs receive. My vet says his heart and lungs sound really good, and that Simba's blood profile looks good as well. His prognosis is great! 4-6 weeks after his last treatment, he will be neutered.  

Until his treatment begins, he is enjoying multiple short easy walks on the leash, multiple kisses and hugs. This dog has no known flaws, and loves both people and other dogs. He is already showing great progress in his housebreaking.
I am housing Simba in an indoor spacious dog run. He loves having a soft giant round bed to sleep on rather than mud. It has been difficult to get him to eat dog food. Finally he is eating canned dog food, after a week of feeding him rice, chicken chunks and broth. Simba will not eat the kibble I try to sneak in the wet food. One thing at time, I have to remind myself.  

Thank you for any financial contribution you may be able to make to Doggie Harmony for Simba's treatment, so this wonderful guy can get the life he deserves! 

Elizabeth Mansour <>

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