Thursday, November 8, 2012

*Garner, NC: Hit by car, no help for a week. Please help!

10-9-12   A rescue has stepped up for Josie! Keep her in your prayers that she will keep her leg and regain her sight. 
"Her name is JOSIE and she is feeling much better now that she is on medications. We won't know about the front leg if it will improve or need to be amputated. Also her eyes are very infected and at this time cannot see.  We are treating her eyes very aggressively and will just have to wait and see how she responds.  She does have a Rescue group who has stepped up to take her so that is also good news."  Carol

10-8-12 UPDATE:  Her name is Josie; she has now had all of her vaccinations; she is heartworm NEGATIVE (yay!).  Her temporary home can only keep her until 11/19/12.  Here are more details about her medical condition and treatment.  

O.K. here is the update on Josie:  She had her HW test and is NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her eyes are very infected, she cannot see. Dr Szabo is treating with eye drops (Dr. English ) Ciprofloxacin 3 X day, Simplicef antibotic, Pred 10mg 2 X day for 3 days then 10mg 1 X day for 10 days, also Flurbyprofen eye drops in both eyes 2 X day for 10 days and Tramadol 2 tabs 2X day.

Right now this is her schedule to hopefully clear up her eyes, and if possible help the leg. We are going to wait and see until next week then make a decision with Dr. B.

She has received her 1 month heartguard + Tab and Revolution Flea topical.

She is soooooo sweet and was a good girl.

If you can donate to help pay for her medical care, the total for today is $156.73. 

Phone # 919-847-9396  Under FCF JOSIE.

This precious little girl was hit by a car, picked up by
animal control and allowed to languish in a cage without medical treatment and care for a week.  Thanks to someone who could no longer bear the thought of this neglect, she was pulled for help.  This is a very temporary situation and she needs a foster, rescue or a permanent home.  Please help us find that for her.

Carol at Feral Friends rescue will be temporily fostering until we get this dog’s leg patched up.

Looks good for her keeping this leg won't know until next week. Dr. Bartfield coming to look at it. We hope to have enough funds to also cover her vaccs. And spaying once she is clear on the leg.

IF ANYONE CAN OFFER TO TAKE THIS NICE YOUNG FEMALE DOG INTO RESCUE… she has several guardian’s over here now that have sponsored their money to give her second chance in life.  Dr. Bartfield going to be treating her of SNAP as special request from us. (great vet)

No name dog  was hit by car.  Picked up by A.C officer … left to suffer all week on hard concrete cold floor and was just pulled out of shelter yesterday. 

She has had hard life, but we hope now she will have for first time warmth, food, love, and proper medical care that she has never had.

WILL YOU OR ANYONE HELP HER ON her second phase and take her into rescue to help find her loving home???

Contact Carol at FERAL FRIENDS in Garner (outside Raleigh, NC)  TRANSPORT WILL be assisted also for this dog with no name.

CONTACT (FERALCATFRIENDS@YAHOO.COM) Carol if you can offer a rescue intake on this dog to find her a good home.  Or Christina G (

THANK YOU NANCY AND CHRISTINA FOR BEING SO PERSISTENT IN GIVING THIS DOG SECOND CHANCE. Thank you Carol for offering her temp. foster spot to stabilize her.

ALL that was involved in this project and your donations.

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