Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Waldport, OR: Elvis and Ozzy The Doxies need rescue!! - Circulate Please! URGENT!


*From Janice: "...We tried finding them a loving home around here, but we didn't have any luck, and we might have to move again next month, and we can't take them with us, because this time we really will have to find a place rather fast.  It is really hard to find a new place that accepted dogs and soon the twins will start crawling... We are really broke right now, and we can't take them to Portland, and we tried really hard to find a loving home for them close by.  It has been really hard. Ozzy allergies are getting worse, but we can't afford taking him to a vet.

P.S.  We really want to keep them together, as they really enjoy each other company!!
I think it would help Elvis to adapt to a new family so much better, if he could remain with Ozzy.

They have a very large crate, a small crate, two carriers, blankets, etc."

CONTACT IS: Janice Kawasaki:
Email: janice75br@yahoo.com
PHONE: (541) 563-6050
1380 SW Corona CT. #1
Waldport, OR
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 2433
Newport, OR 97365

ELVIS: Male, brown, approx 23 lbs, 8 years old, short haired, neutered
OZZY: Male, 7 years old, black, 16 lbs, medium long, neutered

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nov 21, 2012

Aslan’s Cat Sanctuary is a HOME for cats who have been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia. Historically most cats diagnosed with this dreaded disease were euthanized on the spot. With education, new treatments and further understanding of this condition, some people have come to be willing to give these innocent and often healthy cats a chance for a great life.

Sanctuaries have popped up over the years but securing a coveted spot in one of the great sanctuaries, is practically like winning LOTTO!!!

One such sanctuary is ASLAN’S in upstate New York. Aslans was decimated by Hurricane Irene. Through the kindness of MANY, Aslans was rebuilt. It was a miracle via the generosity of so many who gave both monetarily and physically while working there to rebuild the flooded HOME that was the only HOME to these animals.

Along comes Hurricane Sandy and although Aslan’s was extremely fortunate to escape the wrath of Sandy many other people and places were NOT. Aslans has stepped up to HELP displaced cats with feline leukemia. Aslans is NOW HOME to 80 cats. Homing and caring for 80 cats with feline leukemia is a loving, lofty goal and it will take lots and lots of money to keep these cats healthy and vetted regularly as needed. We know it CAN BE DONE...with your HELP.

Please review Aslan’s most recent newsletter featuring their beautiful HOME and delightful residents. Pictures are worth a 1000 words! http://aslanscats.org/cms/

This sanctuary is a Work of Heart...it WILL take funding to serve the additional cats that Aslan’s WOULD NOT turn their back on. Desperate times mean desperate measures.
Thank you for your kind consideration on behalf of The Aslans Cats!!!
Trudy Schilder

Donate *by sending check or money order to:
Catskills, NY 12414
Aslan’s Cats
P.O. Box 221
Catskill, NY 12414

OR via PayPal at www.aslanscats.org

Thursday, November 15, 2012

*Lafayette, TN: Willard doesn't understand what he did wrong..

11-30-12:  Willard was adopted by a gentleman who works for the U.S. Humane Society and they are a match made in Heaven!

Thankfully, he was removed from a home of abuse, fed and comforted so he no longer cowers in a corner and cries, but unless someone steps up to give this boy the home and family he deserves, he will be euthanized on November 23rd.  Willard, someone out there needs you as much as you them..we are trying, baby boy.

 Willard, male , 2 yrs, 74lbs, not neutered, was extremely mistreated and starved, neighbors stated he was beaten daily for no reason, removed from his former owners last week, AC is feeding him three times a day now, he only weighed 50 lbs when he came into the shelter.  He's really relaxed now, very happy, walking on a lead now, loves being around the other dogs  at the shelter , he was extremely scared when he arrived at shelter, he would try to hide in a corner and cry.

Folks, Willard deserves a chance, surely there's someone out there for him. I sure hope someone will step up for him, you won't be sorry, he's a very grateful dog and shows it.

Willard will be put down on 23 November 2012.

Located in Lafayette Tenn. Contact Parker at 423-278-4622 or rparker703@yahoo.com

Please share and cross post folks I need help and so does Willard.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

*Garner, NC: Hit by car, no help for a week. Please help!

10-9-12   A rescue has stepped up for Josie! Keep her in your prayers that she will keep her leg and regain her sight. 
"Her name is JOSIE and she is feeling much better now that she is on medications. We won't know about the front leg if it will improve or need to be amputated. Also her eyes are very infected and at this time cannot see.  We are treating her eyes very aggressively and will just have to wait and see how she responds.  She does have a Rescue group who has stepped up to take her so that is also good news."  Carol

10-8-12 UPDATE:  Her name is Josie; she has now had all of her vaccinations; she is heartworm NEGATIVE (yay!).  Her temporary home can only keep her until 11/19/12.  Here are more details about her medical condition and treatment.  

O.K. here is the update on Josie:  She had her HW test and is NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her eyes are very infected, she cannot see. Dr Szabo is treating with eye drops (Dr. English ) Ciprofloxacin 3 X day, Simplicef antibotic, Pred 10mg 2 X day for 3 days then 10mg 1 X day for 10 days, also Flurbyprofen eye drops in both eyes 2 X day for 10 days and Tramadol 2 tabs 2X day.

Right now this is her schedule to hopefully clear up her eyes, and if possible help the leg. We are going to wait and see until next week then make a decision with Dr. B.

She has received her 1 month heartguard + Tab and Revolution Flea topical.

She is soooooo sweet and was a good girl.

If you can donate to help pay for her medical care, the total for today is $156.73. 

Phone # 919-847-9396  Under FCF JOSIE.

This precious little girl was hit by a car, picked up by
animal control and allowed to languish in a cage without medical treatment and care for a week.  Thanks to someone who could no longer bear the thought of this neglect, she was pulled for help.  This is a very temporary situation and she needs a foster, rescue or a permanent home.  Please help us find that for her.

Carol at Feral Friends rescue will be temporily fostering until we get this dog’s leg patched up.

Looks good for her keeping this leg won't know until next week. Dr. Bartfield coming to look at it. We hope to have enough funds to also cover her vaccs. And spaying once she is clear on the leg.

IF ANYONE CAN OFFER TO TAKE THIS NICE YOUNG FEMALE DOG INTO RESCUE… she has several guardian’s over here now that have sponsored their money to give her second chance in life.  Dr. Bartfield going to be treating her of SNAP as special request from us. (great vet)

No name dog  was hit by car.  Picked up by A.C officer … left to suffer all week on hard concrete cold floor and was just pulled out of shelter yesterday. 

She has had hard life, but we hope now she will have for first time warmth, food, love, and proper medical care that she has never had.

WILL YOU OR ANYONE HELP HER ON her second phase and take her into rescue to help find her loving home???

Contact Carol at FERAL FRIENDS in Garner (outside Raleigh, NC)  TRANSPORT WILL be assisted also for this dog with no name.

CONTACT (FERALCATFRIENDS@YAHOO.COM) Carol if you can offer a rescue intake on this dog to find her a good home.  Or Christina G (christinagr21@yahoo.com)

THANK YOU NANCY AND CHRISTINA FOR BEING SO PERSISTENT IN GIVING THIS DOG SECOND CHANCE. Thank you Carol for offering her temp. foster spot to stabilize her.

ALL that was involved in this project and your donations.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Gift of Dignity...Bodie's Final Journey

11-7-12:  Thank you to those of you who donated. So far we have $120.
And including Poppies neuter and vet bill we are out $775.
Hate to ask- but if you haven't donated you can donate direct to the vet.

High Desert Animal Care Hospital, Palmdale CA.
661 272-1616. Say it's for Cheryl Poindexter's account.
"Poppie the Pig". If they are confused ask for Carla. She authorized.

Check: 11629 Juniper Hills Rd., Littlerock CA 93543

Thanks to these dedicated and selfless rescuers, a neglected, yet still noble soul found love in his final hours on earth.  Please help them in anyway you can...in Bodie's memory.

Hi all,

I just had to share this rescue I just did on Tuesday for Elise Duran. Partially to ask for small donations but mostly to share with you this tragic story and to let you know that I'm also there on the "front lines. My heart and gratitude goes out to those who are there full time.

As you probably know,  Elise is known for helping the animals that are offered free on Craigs list and the Recycler. She keeps us all posted on these poor animals that can end up as Lab test animals, bait dogs or victims of torture. We try to get them before they do.

She asked me to help her rescue a horse and a pot belly boar in Lake Elsinore.
The owners were moving to Hawaii and had to get rid of their animals.
My trainer and I drove 120 miles to a ranch WAAAAAAAY up a mountain above the lake.

Took us 45 min to load Bodie onto the trailer. Bodie was rescued 8 years ago with another companion horse. Both were emaciated. They were once parade horses. Both were white and extremely emaciated. The woman rescued Bodie and nursed him back to health. He was in a good space lots of shade and room to roam. But he looked bloated to me. Wonderful, gentle horse. Turns out he was a Camarillo Parade horse. The ones that are in the Rose Parades year after year. 
Elise was going to help sponsor his care till we found him a permanent home. On the way home I was already considering keeping him here indefinitely. It made me feel good that he could live out his last years here at the Poindexterosa. 

It took us 3 1/2 hours to get home. At 8:30 pm we pulled up to the barn to unload him. He stepped off the trailer, took a few steps, sat down and died. His stool was black. The woman must have known his body was shutting down and wanted us to take the responsibility of taking care of his poor old body. No wonder she was in such a hurry to get rid of him. Poor old guy. I was heartbroken. The next day I was faced with the task of trying to find someone with a back-hoe to bury him. I finally found someone and now Bodie is at rest.

I am disgusted at how people don't take responsibility for the care of their animals and we are always the one that have to clean up their messes. It's sad, exhausting and expensive. But extremely rewarding when things go real well like the Stallion at Devore that we rescued last year. As you all know so well, these are the chances that you take in rescue. The good, bad and the ugly.

Poppie is a boar. He needs to be neutered and his tusks needs trimming. ($300).
He also needs a permanent home.
Digging grave for poor Bodie was $250, gas and trainer was $225 and pig food runs about 40 per month.
So any amount you can donate would help allot. We can't continue to rescue these poor animals without your donations. God bless you all and beyond all~ God bless the animals.

Check: 11629 Juniper Hills Rd., Littlerock CA 93543
Cheryl P

Poindexter design 
Tel: 661 944-0608
Fax: 661 944-4097