Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 18, 2012 Deer Park, Long Island This Delightful Beauty was Abandoned after 12 Years!!

WHO IS SHE? HAZEL, 12 yr old kitty, abandoned when caretakers moved out. See her story below.
WHERE IS SHE? Long Island, NY 
HOW CAN YOU HELP HER? Contact is Patty Burkhart  631-242-7402
“Hazel was abandoned while still a kitten, dropped in her carrier at a green house/golf course in Sayville, NY.  The two ladies running the greenhouse kept her (and another kitten that was also dropped off at the same time). cont.
Hazel lived at the greenhouse for 12 years, pretty much just getting some food, water and a pat on the head until Dec when the care takers left!  

When she arrived as a kitten she had already been spayed.

In late December, I got an urgent call from an employee who told me that the greenhouse had lost their lease from Suffolk County and had packed up and left.  And these two ladies just left Hazel (and Sadie) behind!!

I was able to pick up Sadie and took her to my garage, where she has been for a month.  Hazel was not so easy to trap. She was so terrified, she had hunkered down under the floor of the greenhouse.  It took an afternoon, a hot juicy chicken and the help of a professional trapper to get Hazel.  

I assumed when I got her home that she would be unfriendly.

NOT SO!!!!!  Hazel is a mush-pot!  She loves to sit on your lap and fall asleep.  She loves kisses.  She loves to have her belly rubbed and lets me put my face in her belly and give her kisses.

BUT SHE IS DEPRESSED and is NOT eating her food like she once did.  She needs to get out of the garage and to be with someone who can give her love and show her what it is like to be inside a house and to not just be left alone all the time.

She is afraid of loud noises right now (it reminds her of  the breaking down of the greenhouse), and she truly does not know what it is like to be INSIDE a house, although she has NO desire to be back outside.  When I let her in for a few hours each day, she just stays in one place. If I put her on the couch, she will just stay there and fall asleep.  Right now, she does not understand ownership or exploring.  


She is negative for FIV/FeLV, she is spayed, she is clear of mites, worms, fleas.  She was badly matted and her rear area COAT had to be cut and shaved but it is growing back nicely.  No health issues!!!!!!!

Transport can be arranged if necessary!  THANK YOU!!!!!


Patty Burkhart

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