Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clarkesville, GA: Beautiful injured black lab running out of time at overcrowded shelter

2-23-12:  WONDERFUL UPDATE FROM HIS FACEBOOK PAGE:  "SOS Lab rescue is gettin him :-) Link on Habersham Shelterkids wall. They will STILL need funds so PLEASE everyone who pledged honor it so sweet Twitch can have the best start possible! YAY FOR TWITCH and thank you all who worked so hard for him! We rock! LOL ♥"

WHO AM I?  I am a handsome black lab who the nice lady at the shelter has named Twitch.  She is really trying to help me, but is so worried because since I was hit by a car, I am running out of time.  I am trying very hard to act like my normal goofy self, but  my legs are a little sore.  Now I will let her explain:

"Working in a kill shelter, and being the one that has to put them down, ruins you. But, everynow and then, one comes along....This guy is my one..
Sweet "Twitch" as I've kinda nicknamed him is out of time. Of course, his owner never came looking for him, and we have had no offers from anyone to rescue this sweet boy. His eyes are so
full of love, and he always hobbles over to give me a kiss when I walk by, but he has a hard time navigating the small kennel run. His hold is up tomorrow. Is there not a special needs rescue that cam save him? He needs OUT of the kennel runs and need to be somewhere that can fit his needs! There is ZERO space at the shelter, as usual, and pubic drop off start tomorrow.

He is a BEAUTIFUL young male lab mix was brought to shelter 5 days ago. He was hit by a car, and suffered some trauma, which they think damaged his spinal cord. (YES he was brought to the vet by the person that saw him hit, but they said there is really nothing they could do for him). You can tell ...by the way he walks there was damage. SWEET dog!!! PLEASE help him!!

I will have to put him down tomorrow if I don't have SOMEONE that will agree to help him.
I'll figure out someway to transport if you have the room to save him and distance is the only thing stopping you from being able to save him. He is am absolutely amazing dog.
I was tossed around all day if I was being selfish by NOT putting him down already,but he has so much love to give, and he is young still....  Thank you for ANY reply."  Madi Hawkins

Madi Hawkins
ACO Officer III
Rescue Coordinator
Habersham County Animal Shelter
4231 B Toccoa Highway
Clarkesville, GA 30523
habershamshelterkid s@yahoo.com

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