Friday, January 6, 2012

L.A., CA shelter- Please help rescue LIZZY, scared little girl.

WHO IS SHE? This is LIZZY! A1273274 *From Wendy:  She was trembling in her cage, shaking with fear when i approached her. I sat by the cage and she slowly walked to me and leaned up against the bars. Wanting to be pet, wanting some love. Her tail wagged and her sweet brown eyes just looked at me like 'why am i here? This place is scary!" i went to open the cage door and she got scared and went to the back cubby. I sat in her cage and in 10 minutes, lizzy was lying in my lap,wagging her tail and giving me kisses. She is so beautiful, loving and a serene soul. She doesn't bark, only wants to sit quietly with you and be held. 
Lizzy is a 1 yr lab/staffordshire terrier mix with maybe even a little beagle in her. Her eyes are like bambi's - big and brown and so expressive! 
WHERE IS SHE?  East Valley LA Shelter, CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP HER? Call East Valley Directly at 818-756-9323 or 9324 or Veronica Perry, New Hope Coordinator at 213-435-9152 - and ask about Lizzy A1273274. MORE ABOUT LIZZY...

It was a little scary for her to allow me to put the leash on her, but she let me  - she wants to trust you, wants you to love her. I got her to the yard, and she was cowering  - she was hoping she would be ok with me. Once in the yard, this shy girl pranced around and rolled over on her back for belly rubs. You can see her happy smile and her looking up into the sunshine. We stayed in the yard for a half hour - me holding her and her trotting around in the yard. She has a million dollar smile and a heart of gold. Please go get her out of the shelter - please go and rescue lizzy and show her the love she deserves and wants so badly. This girl has touched my heart - i love all the dogs and cats but lizzy is my special girl - she needs out of the shelter and into a loving home.

Lizzy should be fine with other dogs - she showed no aggression at all and actually looked sad/perplexed when they were barking at her. She is housebroken from what i can tell - did her business in the corner of the yard and not by where we were sitting at all..she is not a barker. She is a serene and docile girl - looking for someone she can trust and love.

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