Friday, September 23, 2011

URGENT!!! 2 Great Dogs & 1 Young Queen Bee Cat - MD - Please Help! Sponsorship available.

Pumpkin and Roxie have been rescued.  Louisa still needing a home.*From Jamie: I still need to find homes for 2 dogs and 1 cat and now the situation is ASAP. We have new renters for the kennel and they have let me keep the 2 girls there until the end of Sept to try and find them homes.
Here are the 2 dogs, both are fixed, completely vaccinated except for Lymes, kept up to date year round on HW/Tick/Flea prevention, passed puppy training class at Pet Smart, and come with a $200 sponsorship each. I'm looking for individuals and/or rescues to take these girls.
WHO ARE THEY? Pumpkin, Roxie and Louisa (see their stories below, click Read More)
WHERE ARE THEY? We're near Hagerstown, MD
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Jamie at

PBT X, good with dogs as long as they do not take offense to her rough housing, don't growl, and don't bark at her. She isn't a dominant in my opinion, just not very bright and very reactive. When she sees another dog she immediately
goes into play mode and jumps on them, with no understanding of personal boundaries at all. Same with people, although she is very good with children in strollers, just licks their toes. She is extremely active and can be destructive if she is not crated in a home. She was adopted at 3 months and then seized at 6-8 months by the rescue from the adopter b/c he refused to get her spayed and vaccinated. He wanted to breed her and kept her in a crate 24/7 at his own admission. I'm not really sure how they adopted to him in the first place, except for the fact that PBT's are extremely hard to place here b/c of discrimination, lack of education, and basically a over riding poor demographic that loves to breed these dogs for the tough image factor in town. Pumpkin is a lover towards people, she is not aggressive towards people at all. She will attack cats and possibly small dogs. I would not place her in a home with children under the age of 6 yo due to her energy level and lack of brains/common sense when it comes to knocking them down. She needs to run at least 2 hours a day and is not happy at the kennel anymore b/c her best friend Olivia was adopted about a month ago and the new renters refuse to try her with any of the other dogs. Pumpkin is crate trained but needs a regular schedule. She is very good with people, not one ounce of aggression towards people.

Hound X Lab, looks like a black lab. Came from a trailer park where she was bred to a PBT and had 10 puppies. The puppies were the absolutely nicest, calmest, best dogs we have ever had come through our program and were adopted in a minute. Roxie has this personality too, however she will attack cats and other dogs 90% of the time. She's been here since December and we've found 2 dogs out of 15 or so we've tried her with that she was good with. She is a dominant and should not live with other dogs or cats in my opinion. However she craves interaction and attention from people. She is extremely obedient and loving, she's been tested with older children but not babies. She loves to cuddle and loves everybody that pays any attention towards her. She is submissive towards people and just wants to please them so she can get a scrap of attention. Our new renter's manager is in love with her, but she has 6 cats and 7 dogs already and just cannot take her. But as she says, "she is the BEST dog!"

The cat is Lousia
She is approx 2-3 yo, Torbie, TortiXtabby according to our vet. I just call her a muddy calico :) She is queen bee with an attitude, loving when she wants to be, will scratch if you mess with her when she doesn't want you to. Not enamored with dogs or other cats but doesn't attack them, just finds her own space and hisses when they come near. She is fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLv tested, and on Revolution. She is super not happy where she is at this point b/c she is in a cat condo and does not get to come out at all due to allergies in her foster home (my two other foster homes I had adopted their fosters, so this is the last one I have!)

We're near Hagerstown, MD and I can show the dogs to any prospective adopters who can travel to the kennel, I can't travel b/c of a difficult pregnancy I'm in the midst of (one of the reasons we had to close the kennel/rescue unfortunately)

Thank you for cross posting!

Jamie Garcia
AKKR Adoption Coordinator

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