Friday, August 21, 2015

Patchogue, Long Island* Please see the Video of the Four Patchogue Boys Who Desperately Need Homes!

Update: SEPT 7, 2015 ***AND THEN THERE WERE TWO!
Let's Make this a Fete Complete! WEE Who Care CAN DO IT!
Patchogue, Long Island ( ORIGINALLY 9 Who Lost Their HOME) Transport Available to Fully Approved HOME!
AND Now there are TWO! Looking for Love…
CHARLIE and CARSON... Don't they look BEAUTIFUL!!!
Remember there WERE 9 Cats Needing HOMES???
The two friendliest are Still in Need!!!
They have both been vetted, tested and are ready to GO HOME!!!
We are offering a $300 stipend towards their beginning care...each.
They are both between 6-8 years old.
We would LOVE them to be ADOPTED TOGETHER...if at all possible...we were able to adopt most of them in PAIRS!!!
Contact Marie McHugh
or Me, Trudy Schilder

These Two boys are wonderful and we feel their rightful home IS out there! ALL of their sibs have been adopted!!! The two friendliest remain….

A kind man once took care of 13 cats. He was forced out of his home. An animal rescue group came and got the 13 cats. They found homes for 9 of them. These last four are desperately in need of a home!!! They do not need to stay together. They are all super friendly and up-to-date on all things vet. There's a $300 stipend for food that comes with each one. 

August 31, 2015 -- 

View this video, it's worth many, many words! Four of the Eight who were forced out of their HOME….have been adopted… (original story below)

Four remain and we are desperately seeking HOMES…Carson, Chester, Bruiser, and Charlie…Photos attached! ALL are very friendly…neutered and loving cats!
A generous donor has offered a $300 startup fund for a HOME for each kitty!
Contact Trudy

August 24, 2015 UPDATE
CLEO and CAREY were adopted…that STILL leaves SIX more with nowhere to go…
Long Island, New York *CONTACT MARIE:
From a wonderful rescue friend Marie, TRYING DESPERATELY to HELP :

Please HELP!! A Desperate Situation!! They have NO Hope unless they can find Homes or Fosters…

Chester, Cooper, Casey, Charlie, Cleo, Carey, Carson and Carlo…All Names are listed on Attachment Line…PLEASE refer to them by name for interest or questions…this is another very sad tale…
***These 8 cats lived indoors in a garage their whole lives and lost their only person and home end of July after the home was sold. They were living with an unstable person. Now, after being trapped and transported to a very temporary foster home, the foster is VERY impatient to have these cats out of his home! Once again, the cats are AT RISK!! EXTREME!
Seven of these cats LOVE ATTENTION and AFFECTION!! Even roll over for belly rubs. ~ALL are between 6-8 yrs old and fixed.
~7 Males, neutered years ago - All Friendly!!
~1 Female, CLEO: recently spayed & vetted (tested Neg for FiV/FeLV, no fleas/mites). She will need a patient cat savvy owner that's ok with a basically under socialized indoor adult cat. This cat would do better in a home with another cat as she will likely bond better with another cat rather than a person. Has not allowed petting in her current foster home.

~as far as Dogs, they are "probably" dog-TOLERANT, as they were sometimes around dogs but not in the same living space.
They are ALL in need of more PERMANENT situations!! However, Even help with ONE or TWO will make a difference!
ADOPTION preferable, but placement in a solid FOSTER home or NO KILL shelter or sanctuary also desirable!!
PLEASE, it is URGENT that they leave their TEMP FOSTER as soon as possible, and if EVERYONE could please SHARE and TAG their friends, families, fellow rescue folks/groups that might POSSIBLY help, it would be greatly appreciated!
thank you!!!

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