Thursday, September 12, 2013

Long Island, NY * Rescued Kitty Suffering on Fire Island Needs Dental Surgery....Precious, Affectionate Boy...Miracle he Survived...

Patty Burkhart spotted this suffering kitty on Fire Island a 2 days ago while on a day of “rest” & “relaxation”!...she returned the next morning to scoop him up, get him to her vet and find out what his issues the Grace of the Universe he is negative for all diseases and other than a VERY bad case of fleas and VERY bad gum disease he is a HEALTHY BOY who was in a LOT OF PAIN...until NOW!!! He is at Patty's vet Right Now and being treated for the fleas as well as his badly swollen gums and infected teeth...he WILL NEED MAJOR dental work...MAJOR!
Funds are desperately needed to provide the surgery he will need...PLEASE HELP US HELP HIM. We are trying to raise $750. If you can donate, please do so to: North Shore Animal Hospital, 631-757-0522. Say it is for Patty Burkhart/Orange Stray. Or you can Paypal to my email address at
*****MORE ABOUT this Very Special RED BOY****
Patty Wrote: On Sept 11 “Abandoned Orange Cat, likely surviving alone since Storm Sandy...
So Rosanne M. and I got back on the Fire Island ferry today and rescued a sick cat we saw while we were there on Monday. This cat is so sick but he is now at my vet's for the night, getting fluids, pain meds, antibiotics, and tomorrow will begin steroids. A full blood workup is being done. He was such a good boy on the ride back to the main island! Not a peep! We are raising funds for his vet bill. He may have scabies or just a very severe flea infection; he is thin; he also needs dental work. His jaw was so swollen that we thought he might have been kicked in the face. Nope, but he does have severely infected teeth. My vet said he has likely been in a LOT of pain. This cat is so trusting, so affectionate.” PLEASE HELP US HELP HIM. 

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