Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cleveland, GA: 10 month old perfect boy dog named Lucky

This friendly and affectionate boy has been at the shelter, patiently waiting for a family to love and someone to play with.  Read about him from a wonderful volunteer who finds it harder and harder to send him back to his pen each time she visits him.
"Lucky is about 10 months old and very healthy and active.  Incredibly affectionate and very tuned into you the minute you start speaking to him.  Has all his shots and vaccines, too. 

He needs a family with kids (he's very playful) or with very active adults who love to hike, run or whatever. He's not trained so would be great for someone who wants to become his master and have them become the center of his world.  I'm not sure about his breed, but is a very smart one, for sure.  

He'd go crazy being fenced in day and night or tethered and needs to be part of a family setting.  He's so lovable, it's difficult to send him back into the shelter, but everyone there just adores him. Anyone who would adopt him would be very LUCKY!!

Thanks for sending this to your groups and if anyone wants to know more, they can  call Jane at 706-878-3663 or Kathy at Smithgall Woods Animal Shelter at 706-865-4135.

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