Monday, July 22, 2013

West View, PA * Hallie & Rascal* Two Beautiful Senior Dogs Need a HOME again, foster didn't work out!!


contact is VA pound pals

These 2 senior dogs keep getting the short end of the deal. Please, please, can anyone help this situation. Given up first because the new husband didn't like them, then rejected by first foster because she is overwhelmed with too many other responsibilities, and now, once again, returned by a second foster because her dogs don't like them. Poor planning at the cost of these precious animals. We need a reputable foster to take these sweet animals and let them find some peace for the rest of their days.

Most recent, second foster - July 28 11:00 AM: DEVASTATION for Rascal & Hallie...WEST VIEW, PA (Transport arranged to fully approved HOME or FOSTER)

The New Foster picked up the dogs about 30 minutes ago and returned them within 10 minutes stating that her dogs did not like them...NOW they are in trouble b/c IF they get returned to VA...they won't stand a chance...They are two sweet, sweet dogs...NO PLACE to GO....READ their story and see what we can do for them...Contact Melanie :

July 22, 2013 EXTREMELY URGENT **These 2 dogs are losing their NEW FOSTER HOME**NEW MOM: OVERWHELMED!!!
West View, PA (Near Pittsburg)

You may remember Rascal & Hallie...the two perfect seniors who lived outside their entire lives… from VA who were dumped for a NEW HUSBAND...????

After two months of posting them they were earnestly adopted and saved but sadly their new MOM took on much more than she could handle...they've been vetted, groomed and they are the most loving, wonderful dogs...they are sleeping indoors on orthopedic beds…they had lived their entire lives OUTDOORS!!!

These photos were their FREEDOM PHOTOS taken in their Foster Home….
NOW Looking for a FOREVER HOME!!! Please share like mad...Don’t want to let these doggies down now…

(FYI* The foster mom who tried, is single, 2 year young child, 3 dogs, and 2 cats…AND she took on Hallie & Rascal b/c she felt so badly for them… entirely too much for her to take on at this time) Yes she had GREAT vet references and easily passed a HOME VISIT too)

Hallie and Rascal....They are now in West View PA
Contact karen: OR Contact

They need a new place to retire together! Please share with urgency for these sweet deserving senior babies! They are truly perfect dogs…no health issues, no behavior issues and they love each other. Their world has been turned upside down but their life has turned for the better already…

Please do not criticize or chastise any of the contacts. We need serious offers to help these precious dogs. We're close, just need to find that perfect home for them.


  1. is there any update u can give on there status

  2. just found out they are being adopted together!!

    1. ty i am so happy to hear that

    2. this was false information.... they still need a home

  3. i hope this home works out this babies deserve . i am so happy for them

  4. I apologize for the misinformation -- the adoption didn't work out and they still need to find a home


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