Thursday, December 27, 2012

Long Island NY* After Christmas PLEA for Two Desperate Dogs...Stressed in Shelter. NO OFFERS!

NOT AN OFFER IN SITE! Please give these dogs a chance for a new home.
*From Shari:  Long Island, NY - Dec 24, 2012
Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
Evaluations are BELOW for both dogs… Click the READ MORE link below the photo for the dog's evaluations.
Please advocate or Rescue for these precious souls…
Wolfgang#8189: Male, 6yrs old, Chow/Jindo Mix: extremely stressed in shelter!! (eval below) (came in w/ flea dermatitis- being treated)
Emmett#8368: Male/Neutered, 2 yrs old, Mastiff Mix (eval below)
Let me know if you can pull either of these dogs.
Shari Polen
Rescue Coordinator
Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
3320 Beltagh Avenue
Wantagh, NY 11793
P: 516 785 5220
**Together we can make a difference!! Woof Meow**

6 Year Old Male Mixed Breed
Looks like Chow X Jindo Cross
Case# 8189
Behavior  – Color Level: Blue
RG: not tested
Kids: adults only
Pulls / Jumps / Arousal / Leash Biting / Other:
Stressed in shelter
Dogs: social, not playful
Handling: uncomfortable
Leash reactive:
Hand shy:
Prey drive:

My name is Wolfgang and I am a low-key, friendly gent! Though I may be a little shy at first, I am aching to make friends with someone, someone I can love forever! At my age, I should not be in a shelter – I should be enjoying the good life, with nice walks and easy summer afternoons curled up with my family!  I am very scared and unsettled in the shelter environment but making a connection with a human has really helped.  My true self will likely bloom once in my forever home. I don't care much for toys. Due to my age and physical limitations, I may be more comfortable in an adult-only household.  I tolerate most types of handling, though I am particularly uncomfortable with paw handling, and no doubt a bit painful, too, and so I shy away from them being fussed with. I was so unsettled during my behavior evaluation that I couldn’t really eat so I couldn’t be evaluated for resource guarding.
Though I may get a little shy with unusual new people (limping, hooded, …), if given a little time, I will make friends with them.  Patient introductions with people who concern me, with them giving me treats, will help me get more comfortable with them.  I look to my human companion for direction.
Though I’m not particularly playful with other dogs, I like to make their acquaintance and will enjoy their polite company. 
I don't know any basic commands but heck!  I may do just about anything for you once you’re my person! I am proud to say that I walk nicely on the leash!  A bit of training will help us forge a relationship.

2 Year Old Male Mixed Breed
Looks like Labrador X Great Dane Cross
Case# 8368

Behavior  – Color Level: Yellow
(Strong Handler)
Strangers: fear
Kids: adult only
Pulls / Jumps / Mouthy / Leash Biting / Other:

Dogs: no dogs
Leash reactive:
Hand shy:
Prey drive:

My name is Emmett and I am a handsome, playful dude! Though I may be a little shy at first, once I make friends with someone, I love them forever! I like playing with people and simply love toys!  Due to my shyness, I would be best in an adult-only household. I’m a little uncomfortable with some handling (paws) but will tolerate it.  I am intense around my food, but I do not guard them.
I get a little scared of unusual new things and people, and I may woof at them to keep them at bay.  I look to my human companion for direction.  My adopters should seek a certified professional trainer who can help me accept new experiences that concern me so that I can get more comfortable with them. 
I’m not good with other dogs and should be kept away from them.
I have already had some training (sit, down, stay, come, …) and am eager to learn more for a taste of my favorite treats!  One thing I definitely need to learn is to walk nicely on leash! Training may help build my confidence and will help us forge a relationship.

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