Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Charlotte, NC: Rookie on the way to the shelter for being too loving

This sweet 2-year old Rottie girl wants nothing more than to share all the good things that come with being part of a family, but the family she is with wants her gone immediately so she is headed for a kill shelter.  Decide for yourself and please help us save her.  She sounds wonderful and just wants to be included. Taffy has taken up her cause and will be the contact - there is no time so act quickly, please!

 Can anyone help? My husband has a co-worker that can't take care of her dog anymore. I know, I know. Why do these people get dogs to begin with? It kills me. Anyway, here's all the info I have on her. Need to find her a home ASAP.
Owner was going to take her to shelter but she told us that the shelter said they'd put the dog down. Ugh. Please please can everyone send this out? She is located in Charlotte, NC and I'm willing to help with transport if needed. She needs the dog gone asap she said or she will have to take her to shelter where she will be put down.  Please contact me if you can take her, or know who can.  Thanks to all
Contact Taffy

Here's info from owner: 
 Her name is Rookie. She turned 2 years old, October. She has been fine with the kids other than she doesn't know her own strength and will jump on them and knock them down. She barks at night until I bring her in the laundry room, then she sleeps all night. She is house broken. She is very strong. I can not take her on walks for this reason. She has developed a motherly bond with my shitzu. She is a great dog. I just can't control her and my back yard is not enclosed. She needs to run. Not spayed and the last rabies record  I have expired August. no vet visit records since then.

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