Friday, August 24, 2012

*West Palm Beach, FL: The saddest face you will ever see

This sweet and gentle soul won the heart of his rescuer (Joanne)  We are pleased to report that this is a wonderful and classic case of "foster fail"! He looks so much better now and is loved by his new family.

What is wrong with someone who dumps a precious soul to die in the heat and with no food and water???  Please look in these sad eyes and help us find the home and family he so desperately wants.

This boy was found wandering in the Acreage, WPB , yesterday by a friend of mine. The dog is in horrible shape and needs medical care and a foster home. She took him right to the vet. He may have sarcoptic mange although he tested negative for it. He is being treated as if he has mange, although the vet thinks it may be only a horrible skin infection. My friend has over a  dozen dogs and can't keep him separated or in a place conducive to his recovery. He is sweet and pathetic looking. Needs help immediately.
Please call
Joanne  561 373 5152 or
Kathy 305 401 4693

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