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Kansas City Area - DIRE EMERGENCY!!! - 22 Dogs Desperately need help!

Please, Please - 22 Dogs Desperately need help! *Please email Carolyn Hadley at: (at, or Susan Turturice at: (at

LOOK HERE: Kodak Album, for all dogs in need.

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 12:38:36 -0400

Their story (From Carolyn):
I honestly am not sure where or how to begin this story. So much has transpired. I will try to give you all kind of the Readers Digest version.

On Thursday March 8th, a story broke on the local news about a "rescue" gone bad type thing. Turns out a person who we all "knew" ended up NOT a licensed rescue, and in fact should be labeled a hoarder. She operated under the name Black Dog Rescue or Second Chance Black Dog Rescue... here in the Kansas City area.

Her home was raided, 17 dogs, 5 cats and some turtles were removed due to the horrific conditions found inside the home. The woman was arrested and remains in jail on a $46K cash only bond. This woman also operated what was referred to as "Black Dog Rescue Sanctuary". This old farm house is located about 70 miles South of
Kansas City in a rural area. Long story short, or at least not so long.

I personally ended up being the first to sort of be interjected into this story. The gal who actually lived at this farmhouse "the sanctuary" reached out to me for help, said since Shirley had gone to jail she was stuck.. no one to help her, taking care of all these dogs. She told me there were a couple of nursing moms and pups, some adults etc. I went out there the next day to help, get pics, see about getting rescue for the dogs.. thinking I was going to be working on 30 or maybe 40 dogs and pups. What I walked into was ... well there are no words. There were 90 dogs and a goat living in this run down old farm house. I don't even want to describe to you the conditions that these animals had been forced to live in by those who professed to rescue them.

Fast forward 6 days later... We have worked and worked and now there are 22 that remain. These are the ones that have been picked over, and left behind time and again. Nothing wrong with them... their only crime is they were born "non-descript" they aren't some fancy breed... they are just good old all American dogs. There are a couple of seniors who have some health issues the may just need a final hanging out spot and or someone who will give them compassion, love and dignity and the greatest last gift of love. There are a couple, who need to be shown that honest to goodness there really are humans that help instead of hurt. They are eager to be loved and to love you back.

These dogs have been through hell and back and we want to help them out the other side. In their short lives they have been unwanted, unloved and impounded, rescued by someone just collecting them, beaten (yes with fists) by one of those professing to rescue them... warehoused with 90 other dogs, living in conditions that no one should have to live in and NOW.

It literally breaks my heart and leaves me sitting here with true... physical heartache with tears flowing.. Now they have once again been failed... because they are shy or scared or they are not little or puppy or a breed you can single out.... because they are "nothing special" they remain sitting in the filth at "the sanctuary"... 22 that no one sees anything special about. Are we going to fail them yet again????

If they don't get a place to go they will be sent to one of the southern area "human society's" that I believe is still a gassing facility. Oh my God, how can we do this to them once again??? How can we???? Is this really were it will end for them? Is there no one out there that can look at the pictures and see value.

Is there anyone who can look at one face and see "Something Special"??? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, help me help these dogs? Failing them this time will cost them their lives.
LOOK HERE: Kodak Album, for all dogs in need.

*Please email Carolyn Hadley at: (at, or Susan Turturice at: (at

I am attaching pictures of just a few, and will ad a link to all. I'm sorry the pictures are not great, and in many the dogs are pan-caked, or cowering and terrified. This is just a tiny view into how these dogs live.

Of course transport is available.  Carolyn & Susan

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