Monday, January 9, 2012

Beckley, WV - These two dogs in a bad situation - starving and cold need your help

**URGENT**** PLEASE CROSSPOST*****DESPERATE SITUATION*****  Please no craigslist or similar sites...
WHO ARE THEY? *From Diane: The female Husky Mix just weaned pups a couple of weeks ago, we are working to find a place for this sweet soul and the yellow lab/golden mix!!!  They are in a bad situation.  Please help us to help them!  No dog should be cold and hungry! Female is in temporary foster, see below.***
HOW CAN YOU HELP? To help, please contact:  Patricia Winter,

***Owner can not afford to take care of these dogs.  Midnight, the husky mix is very weak and cannot stand, she is only about 1 year old, and currently only weighs about 15 - 20 lbs.  A kind person did step up is fostering her temporarily, she is currently being hand feed many times a day to hopefully help her regain her strength.  Hopefully she will make it until Monday and then she will be vetted.  The puppies will be taken from the home tomorrow, Sunday.  Lab is still with the owner, he is a very kind and sweet boy and also young. People are taking food to him but we need to get them help ASAP!

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